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Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. This week the focus is on different aspects of the now much-maligned American Gun Culture.  Try as they might, the gun grabbers will never disarm the American citizenry. We will stick to our guns!


American Shooter: A Personal History of Gun Culture in the United States

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McGraw-Hill Handbook of English Grammar and Usage, 2nd Edition. Great for homeschoolers!

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The Money Mystery: The Hidden Force Affecting Your Career, Business, and Investments (An Uncle Eric Book)



Keep and Bear. A great documentary about a man who had never owned a gun who moves his family to Idaho. Once there, he becomes gun savvy, then a gun owner, and inevitably a part of the Gun Culture. Available for free streaming on Amazon Prime.

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Katyn Massacre. This brief (10 minute) British documentary from 1972 sums up what really happened in one of the  most notorious massacres of World War II. The Soviets ruthlessly liquidated half of the Polish Army’s officer corps, after they had been disarmed! Available for free streaming on Amazon Prime.


Vlogs and Instructional Videos:

Eugene Volokh: Is Gun Ownership a Right?

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The Swiss Gun Culture: A gun culture that works

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Expressions from American Gun Culture (Pt. 1). Also see Part 2.

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And to supplement, here is a great piece of music: Lynyrd Skynyrd – God & Guns



Covert Cabinets Gun Storage Shelves (HG-24)

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5 Foot Tall Murphy Door, Maple (Unstained)

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I previously mentioned the patented Nord-Lock lockwashers that are made in Sweden for holding high-vibration nuts. These little ratcheted gems hold fast amazingly well. Here is just one example of how I’ve used them:  I have a Dodge Ram pickup that had a windshield wiper arm assembly that was constantly getting loose.  This would often happen in horrible weather. Stopping to open the hood and tighten the nut was more than just inconvenient–it was potentially hazardous. The problem was the main attachment nut loosening. In the preceding two years I had tried several types of lockwashers and even blue Loc-Tite. None of those worked. But more recently, I installed a 3/8″ Nord-Lock lockwasher.  That really did the trick. The attachment has been rock solid, ever since.

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  1. I wanted to comment on your quote of the day from Rand Paul. Clearly, Senator Paul is a patriot and a strong defender of the second amendment. What is so sad is how blind he was and is to the dangers of mass immigration that will doom the second amendment he rightly cherishes so highly. I see this in so many pro-gun right patriots who claim they are willing to die to protect their right to own guns but not lift a finger to reduce or stop immigration that is irrevocably transforming the country into a place where personal liberties like gun rights will be erased by an uninformed new electorate and a balkanized tribal society. It is wonderful to know the benefits of being a free people and the right to bear arms. it is tragic to not stop what is the most formidable enemy to that right which is massive immigration. Pretty speeches about how much you treasure the second amendment while you do nothing about the billionaire open border globalists who are flooding the west with immigrants that will wipe away your culture and history and language and civilization is the biggest preventable tragedy of our time.

    1. As you watch your country being destroyed by massive unvetted immigration, Understand that it is intentional. Cui Bono? Who is behind this silent coup? By now it is obvious that it is the Democrat party which is not your father’s Democrat party. The Democrats are colluding with and being inflitrated by communist domestic and foreign. The U.S. is a prize. It is so big in every dimension that if you can take it over emasculating it will still be a win for our enemies. You are living the emasculation right now. Slow like cooking a frog and quickening now that the frog is immobilized. The final traitorous act in this is to give amnesty to the dreamers (which really means amnesty to all as it will be implemented) which will kick off the biggest rush on our borders and ports of entry beyond your wildest nightmares. The Democrats and Rinos will benefit but YOU will pay for it.

    2. I’m curious where you get the idea that Rand Paul is not aware of the dangers of mass immigration?

      I’ve never heard him say anything of the sort

      1. Mathew, I listened to him in every debate and he was very weak on immigration. Which was infuriating as he has been right on so many other important issues. Numbersusa gives him a B minus but his grade for willingness to vote against the status quo is much worse and most of his stands on immigration have only very recently begun to show signs he is on the side of Americans. I just get the feeling immigration is his least important policy.

  2. The Dims will always be for max immigration, where are all those new voters going to come from? The wall, on the other hand, we can’t have that. That would stem the flow of unaware voters. The Dims have no intention of passing the dreamer act, those people are not going anywhere. But now the Dims have there immigration stump to stand on 2018, and 2020 where if it was passed they’d have nothing to run on.

  3. I am reading this book again. It was published in 1979. Forward thinking on many levels. You would have to look past some characteristics of the man for the wisdom he propounds. This book is a good one to give to someone as an intro w/o compromising OPSEC. Carry on.

    Community Technology
    by Karl Hess, Carol Moore (Introduction), 1979
    Relates a five-year experiment in the Adam-Morgan neighborhood of Washington, D.C. where Hess and many others participated to make it as self-sufficient as possible

    ISBN 0060118741: Hardcover, Harper & Row, 1979
    ISBN 0061319589: Paperback, HarperCollins Publishers, 1981
    ISBN 1559501340: Paperback, Loompanics Unlimited, Reissue edition, 1995

    “He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” – Thomas Paine (1737 – 1809)

  4. NORD LOCKS WORK! Used them on my 1986 cj7 lock outs. I used to have to tighten the bolts every couple months. haven’t had to touched them in 3 years

  5. How does the ramp action effect torque specs with the nord locks,multiple over torques and resets to gain proper clamping(as the ramps over run and fall)?

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