Preparedness Notes for Monday – March 05, 2018

Today is the birthday of Momofuku Ando (born 1910), the Taiwanese-Japanese inventor of instant noodles and Cup-O-Noodles, born in Wu Baifu, Taiwan. (He died in 2007.) His inventions have saved counted thousands of American college students from starvation.

This is also the birthday of Howard Pyle (1853-1911) an influential American book illustrator, painter, and author. He was the mentor of many great American artists including Thornton Oakley, Frank E. Schoonover, Allen Tupper True, and of course N.C. Wyeth.


  1. He invented those noodles to help alleviate hunger in Japan after the war. You shouldn’t be so flippant about an invention that literally saved countless lives of his fellow countrymen.

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