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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper. Today’s focus is on roasting coffee beans at home.

Roasting Coffee Beans at Home

A consulting client asked me about coffee storage, in various forms.  Unless you want to drink icky freeze dried coffee, then the three remaining options are: Storing ground roasted coffee, storing whole roasted coffee beans, and storing green coffee beans. These each have their drawbacks, but in terms of flavor, nothing beats freshly roasted coffee.

Rather than “re-invent the wheel”, I will defer to a great primer that was posted by The Art of Manliness site, a few years back. Here, they wisely did their roasting outdoors, using a gas grill and a steel popcorn popper with an agitator.

Coffee can indeed be frozen, with varying degrees of effect on flavor. You can freeze whole beans green, whole beans roasted, and ground roast. Most experts seem to agree that a fast freeze to a sub-zero temperature (“deep freeze”) is best. – JWR

HJL adds: I just use a dedicated cast iron skillet and a flat edged small metal spatula to roast my coffee. It takes a little skill to get an even roast this way, but that is quickly gained. The trick is to keep the beans moving in the skillet. If doing this over an open gas flame, I usually have to wear a leather work glove to protect the stirring hand from the heat. A great series of primers can be found at Sweet Maria’s

One thing to note when buying green coffee though is the political biases of many suppliers. Look at what the company openly supports on their website before you spend your hard earned money with them. Most companies do not stay neutral and lean hard left.


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President Trump’s Back-Stabbing

President Donald J. Trump (DJT) delivered multiple stabs to the back of his voting base this week: 1.) He asked Senator Feinstein to add her ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban to the planned omnibus School Safety Bill. 2.)  He asked Congressman Steve Scalise to remove his National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill from the Toomey-Manchin ban on private party guns sales bill, 3.) He spoke in favor of a law that would deprive “suspected unstable” gun owners of their guns before due process, and 4.) He also said that if Congress did not enact legislaiton to ban bumpfire stocks (and presumably and fast-resetting or light triggers) that he would ban them himself — I assume with either an Executive Order or rulemaking from the Justice Department, through the BATFE.

Words cannot describe my level of disappointment with DJT!  If he thinks that “compromise” with the Democrats is going to wing him Brownie Points or salvage the upcoming congressional mid-term elections, then he is horribly mistaken.

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How To Stop Gun Ban Laws

Adam Kraut has posted a great video primer about how to effectively contact your legislators. It is just seven minutes long, and well-worth watching. I really like his suggestion of putting your representatives’ office phone numbers in your cell phone, so that you can speed-dial them!

Snopes, Facebook Fact-Check Babylon Bee

I doubt that there is any christian who is unfamiliar with The Babylon Bee, a satirical news site that tends to poke fun at church issues. However, their recent venture into the news cycle, suggesting that CNN uses an industrial washing machine to “spin” the news resulted in a fact check warning from Snopes and subsequent “fake news” warnings from Facebook when people tried to share the humorous article. the left has no sense of humor. Thanks to D.B. for the link.

Community Organizing

Community organizing is hard work. Getting people to show up at events, sign petitions and respond in an effective manner takes hours of preparation and the ground work has to be laid by people who are effective organizers. That’s why it was so surprising to see the Broward county high school students get people turned out for marches, have effective news media coverage of their message and raise money so quickly. Now the truth comes out though. For two weeks, the news media praised these kids on how natural their organizing abilities were.

Now we find out that the anti-gun teachers union, Wasserman-Schultz, the women’s march organizers and various Bloomberg groups all worked together to create a front, using the high school kids as the face to move their agenda. Once again, the main stream media shows how shameless they are on pushing fake news narratives. thanks to reader W.W. for the link.

South Africa Racist Parliament Votes to Seize Land

We could see this one coming for quite some time. the political winds have been moving in this direction and now it’s becoming a reality. the South African Parliament has voted to seize the land of white owners in a landslide voted. While the government insists that there will be no violence, you know that people are not going to just hand over the land that they have lived on for generations. Nor will those who do the confiscating simply kick the owners in the rear on their way out the door. There will be wide spread violence as the government enacts these racist policies. The only obstacle standing in the way of widespread slaughter is the countries constitution, which is expected to be amended to allow the atrocities.

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Please send your news tips to HJL. (Either via e-mail of via our Contact form.) These are often especially relevant, because they come from folks who watch news that is important to them. Due to their diligence and focus, we benefit from fresh “on target” news. We often “get the scoop” on news that is most likely ignored (or reported late) by mainstream American news outlets. Thanks!


  1. Sadly, the land seizure does not surprise me. Now they have an opportunity to turn into another Zimbabwe or Venezuela. I too am worried that violence will not only happen, but the “authorities” will look the other way, or encourage it. If I couldn’t sell the property, I would be tempted to have a scorched earth program in place. I realize some would say that isn’t a Christ like attitude, and you are correct. Sometimes, the flesh creeps back in. Honest prayers for those that are in the path of harm.

    1. The South Africans will do exactly what the Rhodesians did, …… NOTHING.

      They will all sit around and bitch and complain, and say to me “You’re just a gun minded American, we will have our day in international court”

      I can’t tell you of all of the British families that lost mass amounts of property in Zimbabwe, and still complain about it.

      The South Africans are only slightly less castrated as former British subjects, but everyone knows they will be exactly the same as the Rhodesians, and will all just leave and let the blacks have the land.

      The funny thing is, the blacks aren’t any more entiltled to the land than the brits and indians and dutch are, as the land was pretty much unpopulated until white settlers built it into what it is today. Until the tribal fights in angola, and the mass repopulation in southern africa, there weren’t many blacks in what is now south africa. Saying that south africa is trditionally black, is like saying Europe is traditionally white. What would the world say if we tried to claim that europe should only be white. It is the same as saying that south africa should be traditionally be black.

      Democracy at its finest, cast a vote and let the majority decide the future for everyone.

  2. Some trust in chariots and some in horses and some in DJT, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.
    No Politician will fail to disappoint. OTOH, much has been written this morning about the possibility that Trump was trolling the lefties with his recent remarks on gun control. Maybe- hopefully actually- he is using a liberal tactic against them and trying to move the Overton Window back to the right.

  3. DJT really didn’t stab us 2A guys in the back…if you think about it, most states have laws that throw away your due process out the window in a roundabout way…if police white/blue warrant a person, they can also seize any firearms in the home and it is upon you to prove to a judge that you are stable enough to have them back…basically, there is no due process there at the start…it is at the back end…and that’s pretty much what he said…due process comes later…

    1. “In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or value.”

      1. Read his book! The Art of The Deal. You cannot successfully win a negotiation where you expose your hand before it starts. Give Trump a chance to negotiate and get there. Right now congress is leaning towards writing laws favoring gun control. If Trump “simply” opposes him then they will find ways to work around him. By including himself in the negotiations and getting a seat at the table he has “some” control. Until this is all said and done we don’t know what Trump will do. But right now he is positioning himself and he is “maybe” using a little deception or the ever popular “white lies”. Let Trump be Trump.

        By the way, My take on what Trump was saying when he encouraged DiFi to include her assault weapons ban in the gun legislation is different from what most took away from it. Her ban is so broad and so likely to be overturned by SCOTUS that some congressmen probably wouldn’t vote for a bill with that in it. That is a win. Now assume that enough of congress DID vote on it to pass it. Trump could veto it based on the unconstitutional and unpopular assault weapons ban. That too would be a win. So IMHO what Trump was really saying to her is was “go ahead and put that in, I dare you!” It would/could be a poison pill.

        By the way. The reason we are in this position today is because when things are going good and now anti-gun legislation is on the horizon we continue to reelect these rhinos and left wing politicians. Everyone who holds the 2nd amendment as sacred needs to stop voting for the guy who promises you something you want or would like. You must vote these guys out when you get the chance. We also need to become more vocal and more active. We need to get better at this than the opposition is.

        1. I own the same copy of The Art of the Deal that I bought in 1988 and have read it countless times. The same sociopathic traits that made Trump a great businessman will serve him well in Washington. HIs own demons will be his downfall. As the Zen master says: “We’ll see”…

          From Tony Schwartz, the guy who actually wrote Art of the Deal:

          “There are two Trumps. The one he presents to the world is all bluster, bullying and certainty. The other, which I have long felt haunts his inner world, is the frightened child of a relentlessly critical and bullying father and a distant and disengaged mother who couldn’t or wouldn’t protect him.

          “Over the past week, in the face of criticism from nearly every quarter, Trump’s distrust has almost palpably mushroomed. No importuning by his advisers stands a chance of constraining him when he is this deeply triggered. The more he feels at the mercy of forces he cannot control — and he is surely feeling that now — the more resentful, desperate and impulsive he becomes.

          Even 30 years later, I vividly remember the ominous feeling when Trump got angry about some perceived slight. Everyone around him knew that you were best off keeping your distance at those times, or, if that wasn’t possible, that you should resist disagreeing with him in any way.

          In the hundreds of Trump’s phone calls I listened in on with his consent, and the dozens of meetings I attended with him, I can never remember anyone disagreeing with him about anything. The same climate of fear and paranoia appears to have taken root in his White House.”

          1. This kind of comment doesn’t surprise me, you could say the same thing about any president in the last 200 years. It does not surprise me that someone would feel the need to say it, this is the sport of politics to lie and destroy people and reputations. It would surprise though if anyone took you seriously.

            By the way, where were you during Obama’s dreadful and criminal presidency?

            There is an international elite, billionaires and would be billionaires who have co-opted corporations and trade and literally own you/us. They want to keep their golden egg laying goose alive and well. All politicians, including past presidents have accepted this and in some case embraced this cabal. Trump does not. For that reason he must be destroyed. He truly believes in MAGA and for that he must be destroyed. The elite know that the only purpose for America is to make them rich and Trump is a pain in their ass. As I sit watching attack after attack against Trump and Trump deflecting those attacks I am aware that sooner or later the dark side will win. You will get your wish and no doubt get Kamala Harris as your president or someone worse (I know, hard to believe there could be someone worse). Get back to us then and tell us how much you love Kamala…

        2. The second amendment is not sacred. It confers no right. It is merely a restriction on government, not the individual. The republifacists and the demofacists would do well to remember that fact, as would the gun owners. The second amendment merely states that the government shall not infringe on a pre-existing right. It is the pre-existing right that is sacred. The right of self-defense stems from our individual unalienable rights of life, liberty, and property.

          In what way has some ink spilled on parchment (the second amendment) done anything to prevent the egregious abuses of the right to own firearms? Food for thought.

  4. The Press and even Republicans are making a very big deal out of Trump saying seize the guns, arrest him, and to hell with due process. Trump’s point was that he was talking about Nikolas Cruz and the fact that Cruz had been reported to be certifiably insane and violent and said he would shoot up a school. That is a felony to threaten to kill someone.
    All Trump was saying was that there was probable cause to arrest him before getting a warrant, just as if you caught a person in the neighborhood of a burglary. So get his guns, throw him in jail, and then let the court investigate. Instead everyone is saying Trump is becoming a dictator and advocating ignoring due process. Not so. Hear me out.

    Trump also said he would consider raising the age to buy any firearm to 21. He even advocated it. Total outrage by Trump supporters. Trump also said negative things about the NRA, which also sparked outrage by our side. Trump is not stupid. Trump has a plan. Again, hear me out.

    Remember when Trump offered 1.8 million DACA illegals “a path to citizenship”? That is more than double what the Dims wanted. Our side was outraged that Trump would betray us. The Dims should have been overjoyed and accepted Trump’s offer, even with the caveat that Trump had to have his wall. What Trump was doing was showing the world that the Dims don’t care about DACA kids. All they care about is keeping the controversy alive in order to motivate their voters in November. The Dims backed off the DACA deal real fast when there was any chance that it might actually go through and give Trump his wall. It proves the Dims don’t really care about DACA. They care more about votes.

    It is the same with the gun issue. Trump knows the Dims don’t want ANY kind of solution or progress on this front before the November elections. They want to beat Trump over the head with it, hoping that there are other school shootings between now and November. Trump’s plan to arm teachers stands directly in their way. Now, if a bill was actually passed and signed strengthening the background checks and raising the minimum age to 21 to purchase a gun, and extending all background checks to private sales, and banning all AR-15s, the Dims would be defeated because then the gun controversy would go away and that would be a win for Trump. The Dims would have nothing to motivate their base in the November elections, even if Trump lost some of his base because of it. So, if a strong gun-control bill happens to be introduced and gets any kind of support, at the last minute the Dims will introduce amendments that would be sure to kill the bill. Again, if a bill passes, the Dims lose a lot of motivation to hate Trump.

    So Trump is being cagey like a fox, like he did with proposing a path to citizenship for 1.8 million DACA kids.

    Don’t badmouth Trump. He knows what he is doing and knows how to play the Dimocrats. Give him credit for knowing how to manipulate the Dims.

    1. I agree. Like many other politicians, words do not equate to action. Trump is a master at playing “the game”, and he is doing it very well. Tell them what they want to hear, push propaganda, enact nothing. Beat them at their own game. Bravo!

  5. And in South Africa they have this common chant: “Shoot the Boers!”.
    Imagine if someone said we should take all black American property and shoot them.
    But the photo negative is about right, though whites are a slightly smaller minorty in SA.

    On Trump, he also said he would give 1.8 Million dreamers Amnesty, if…
    And what happened?

    Most haven’t read Art of the Deal, nor see how he is negotiating, but doing so in such a way to make his opponents reject and kill the bad deal. He has only been doing it for 50 years and made billions in a highly regulated and corrupt New York City.

    Or as someone else put it, you need to take Trump seriously, but not literally.

    He is playing poker, and getting his opponents to reveal their hands. Talking about guns in the way he did disarms his opponents, as he did on DACA.

    We wouldn’t need intelligence if everyone did the obvious thing and wasn’t persuadable. But we have services to try to discover the secrets and intents of the enemies.
    And remember Trump is our spy in occupied territory. Someone in the Soviet Union back in 1970 wouldn’t belt out “God Bless America!”. He’d be a good little loyal Soviet commie.

    While everyone was getting upset and chasing his tweets like a cat chases a laser pointer, he as gotten 64% of his agenda through. Great judges, Cut regulations and taxes, Slowed refugees to a trickle, Moving the embassy to Jerusalem… Trump does his best work when people are looking elsewhere, and Guns ended up being an issue in the sunlight and divisive.

    Meanwhile, I keep hearing ads from the conservative pundits and radio hosts touting companies that are boycotting the NRA. Maybe we should suggest they stop.

    And stop using YouTube (Gomorrahvision), Facebook (for opsec if for no other reason) and Twitter since they are censoring. It is hypocrisy to complain about Trump on any of these platforms that hate gun owners. You should lead.

    1. I agree with most of your analysis of DJT.
      However, if just one more silly gun regulation is passed during his first term, I will not vote for him in 2020. NO MORE COMPROMISE!
      He would be wise to understand he’s playing with the real 3rd rail in politics, the 2nd Amendment.

  6. Trump is a “do something” Fudd. He will be a one term failure.

    Really, the South Africa story is the same story as the DJT gun story; Government declaring itself master for the purposes of harming peaceable citizens. Seems as though human kind learned nothing from the 20th century.

  7. We’ll see if President Trump actually does an about-face on the 2nd Amendment, but my gut is he is trolling the Dems. Which he has done time and again. He draws them out so they can confidently state their true agenda, then proceeds to slam them with it.

    However, if he implements his off-hand remarks on gun control, this represents crossing the Rublicon.

    Remember, it only takes a year or two for a politician to “go native” in D.C.

    As Edmund Burke said,

    “Those who have been once intoxicated with power, and have derived any kind of emolument from it, even though but for one year, never can willingly abandon it.”

  8. Is there any Article considering tea in this way?

    3) I don´t see what the Administration could do except exactly this(and i do remember Stalins mental ill)?
    If the proof indicates somebody is dangerously mentally instable, than to take away his weapons till a court has spoken a verdict.

  9. I’m not a coffee drinker, but if you are looking for a coffee company that is definitely not left leaning, try Black rifle Coffee Company. their videos are highly entertaining.

  10. The pressure should be on Steve Scalise, DJT indicated that the gun bill coming up would have a very difficult time if Scalise’s bill was attached. OK so Steve needs to attache it. Then if the bill passes at least a little of something good comes out of it (and likely there will be adaquate democrats that vote against the bill that it may not pass at all. The part about grab the guns first before due process is really frightening. What else could that concept be applied to. My opinion on the Donald is starting to shift, strongly shift. ( Is he still better than a Hillary presidency?? at this point I’m not sure.)

  11. I think it is premature to state President Trump has engaged in “back-stabbing” with regard to the 2nd Amendment when no law has even been passed. His M.O. has become more evident to me since I started following his presidential campaign from the very beginning to present day. He puts out the most extreme statements to get a reaction from the public (A-B testing, if you will), exposes his adversaries’ position on a subject only to use it against them later, and ends up with a result where he gets most of what he wants. This is the “Art of the Deal” in action, and we are seeing the master negotiator do his work in public (thanks to the tactic of letting the media cover these meetings). I’m not worried about our 2A rights being jeopardized. I could be wrong but don’t think so.

    1. I tend to concur with this general analysis. Oh, I confess, when I first heard that stuff from DJT, I was ready to chew heads off. But after some reflection, I realized that was exactly the point: generate an emotional reaction on both sides.

      We conservatives will be (are) up in arms (heh – see what I did there?) over it, and will be more active then we might otherwise be playing strictly defense over the endless brow-beating from the libs. The Dhimis, on the other hand, started to do their usual premature happy dance, thinking they’re winning.

      One other thing to consider in addition to the already stated analysis of DJT’s methods is his use of this maneuver to burn the news cycle. Sure, the libtards will attempt to keep this event on the front page, but they live and die by the 24 hour news cycle. It is inevitable that their fire will burn out, not just with time (which DJT is buying with this head-fake), but also the accumulation of other, unrelated events.

      And if we’re wrong, and DJT has indeed turned like sour milk? Well then. I guess we’ll discover if it’s possible to primary a sitting POTUS. YMMV

  12. South Africa; can you say Rhodesia or Mozambique, or other countries, first the farms, next the mines and any other assets held by whites. Any of these actions should immediately trigger a complete boycott by the world. No further banking, sales of food, Petroleum, or anything either in or out of the country except white refugees. Persons that try to take advantage of this situation should have their money frozen for reparations, sent there and not allowed to leave. Portugal took in nearly 3 million refugees from Mozambique, this was nearly equal to their entire population, It was painful for this small nation. Not many people know about the black take over of Mozambique or Rhodesia due to the current lust to revise actual history. Hungry people overthrow tyrannical and corrupt governments.
    It is a sad state of affairs when this happens in countries, but only the entire world can police these governments. Politicians and Dictators understand pain, and they should be advised that it is coming their way if they persist in this sort of activity. If the UN fails to act they should be defunded immediately by the US and all foreign members deported and their offices closed. They too understand pain!

  13. Hugh. I’ve tried a few different methods of roasting green coffee beans and for me what works best is a popcorn popper I picked up at a thrift store for 5 dollars. It not only roast the beans evenly but blows off the chafe at the same time. You have to listen carefully for the second crack as to not end up to dark of a roast. Down side is you can only roast a cup at a time.

  14. White farmers in South Africa are already being murdered on a daily basis while the government ignores the perps. So now they are making it openly official. The end result of killing off farmers and giving their land to people who won’t work will be starvation.

  15. For the serious coffee roasters: Rather than using a pan/bowl over a heat source, I recommend a dedicated coffee roaster. I have been using a Behmor 1600 for more than five years, and have roasted more than 450 pounds of coffee in that time. I buy my beans from Burman Coffee Traders (

  16. Perhaps the Belgians should welcome the Boers to immigrate to Brussels to assist them in their upcoming fight against the Muslims. Some towns in Belgium are already 30% Islamic. If the Boers are smart, they will leave South Africa before it is too late. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe is the precedent.

  17. First, let me tell you that I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I have enough guns and ammunition that would indicate to any sane survivalist that I am no slacker on the issue.

    Unfortunately for me, I am located “Behind Enemy Lines” in the Peoples’ Republic of Kalifornia, although I have my eye on real estate in an area of another state recommended by Joel Skousen in “Strategic Relocation.” We’ll just have to wait and see about that.

    Kalifornia recently passed a law that allows family members and co-inhabitants to report a family member who is unstable and who has given signs of carrying out violence. From my understanding of the law, the case can be presented to a judge who can then issue a warrant for the arrest of the individual and the seizure of the guns. A hearing will be set on short notice, and the court can decide whether the guns should be returned.

    Beyond that, Kalifornia law has provided for many years that anyone who is deemed a serious threat to himself and others can be held for 72 hours for psychiatric evaluation. If a judge is convinced that the individual is a threat, he can then be referred to a mental institution.

    Well, as I said, that is my understanding of the law. If I am correct, then I will also readily admit that abuses might take place. There are always going to be abuses of the law.

    The process, however, seems to be analogous to a criminal search warrant. A judge is presented with facts, and then decides whether to sign the warrant. (Yes, high profile cases have demonstrated that judges have been misled, but let’s not get off into the weeds with that discussion).

    The bottom line is that I believe that the Kalifornia laws will result in strengthening the 2nd Amendment from attack. Given the number of mass shooters who were thought to be unhinged before they killed people, the smaller the number of mass shootings, the less incensed the Left will be and the less determined/effective they will be in their attacks on the 2nd Amendment.

    Keep in mind during this discussion the undeniable wisdom of Kenny Rogers: “Know when to fold ’em. Know when to hold ’em.”

  18. Always fight back, raise rifle buying to the age of 21, then thousands of 18, 19, and 20 year olds better join the NRA, GOA, or JPF. And they better vote! Ban bump stocks or binary triggers, then let those companies sue, and they better get support from the entire industry! We can boycot also!

  19. I think you all give Trump way too much credit. I’ve heard this statement that he is playing 3d chess while the others are playing checkers. I believe he is playing old maid while the others are playing checkers. He is a politician, and he wouldn’t be where he is unless he is the same lying sack of doo doo that all of the other politicians are. I like to believe what Lew Rockwell always says…….. “Don’t believe anything until it has been officially denied by the government.”

    You are giving that lying sack of doo doo too much credit. No politician is looking out for your best intrest, no matter how much you want to believe they are.

    Murkan Mike

  20. Re: DJTd
    I agree it sounds bad.
    But how much of it is for “mainstream” consumption?

    Check his scorecard against his promises.
    He comes out pretty well.

    But do not expect ti hear much about it.
    It is emberesing at at six o clock to list his successes.

    “Don’t count your winnings (or losses) until the dealings done”

  21. If the issue of raising the age to buy a firearm (any firearm) to 21 because persons under that age are not responsible enough to own a weapon then we really need to repeal the 26th amendment, because they certainly would not be responsible enough to preform the single most important task of a citizen.

  22. Guys, while we are getting all wound up about Trump making comments, and the possibility of more gun control, might I turn your attention to a statistic. The millenials are the largest generation. Bigger than the baby boomers. That means there are more of them than there are of us. And do the majority of them care at all about their right to own firearms? I wonder. Sooner or later the Dems will again have a period where they control the direction of US social policy. And when they do, there will be less of us, crazier Dems, and possibly an apathetic majority in this nation. US gun owners are much like Boer farmers in that we always hope to defeat the efforts of the left( and right at times) to disarm us, and the only tools we have the guts to use are peaceful ones. We pay a lot of money to the NRA and other groups, and we have made gains over the last few decades in the area of CCW, defense of the home, repealing the AW ban of the Clinton era. But those were battles. The war is ongoing. I guess what I am getting to is that many have sent money to the NRA and let the government indoctrinate their kids. What do we expect to come from that? Barring some event that wakes the millenials to the need for gun rights, I expect to see Australia style gun control in the US before I am in the ground. At least shortly before. Because I will be a cold corpse, and so will others, before I surrender my property and my rights to men lesser than myself. I pray that I am not the only one. We need to really grasp the severity of this issue and come up with a working strategy to make disarmament such a taboo subject that the mere mention of gun control is death to a political future. Every time, all the time. We need to coalesce around a platform of zero tolerance for any gun control, and make it understood that whether in the political realm or more “sporting” environments, gun owners are a unified force that will do anything necessary to maintain their rights. I don’t care if people in D.C. and state capitols fear us. I want them to. Right now, they don’t. They need to. They need to know that we can and will crush their futures. They need to know that if pushed to it, we can do more than that. It needs to be understood at every level of this society that disarmament is not an option. That it will absolutely cost more than anyone is willing to pay. Basically we need to demand respect. And failing that, we need to be okay with being feared. Because tyrants without fear are are danger to all.

  23. A law that can’t be enforced is a law that could be disregarded if one should chose to do so. It seems to me that the Federal government could make as many anti-gun laws as they want but if there’s not enough of law enforcers to enforce those laws then I wonder if people should really take them that serious? All you cops out there who want to be the first to kick Bubba’s door down and attempt to take his AR-15 please raise your hand. What……no hands?

    1. Throw in a Little Tear Gas, Stun Grenades and what can Bubba do?

      What will anyone do if they break resistence with real Weapons, a few grenades in your home, through different Windows, will you sacrifice your children for that?
      They ´re an organiced force, trained and disciplined with a chain of command who should know to use their Tools and you´ve only a static defense post….

        1. Clever response GW, but fact is, he’s right.

          Do you really have the conviction to sacrifice your family for your right, when giving it up means your family lives?

          Ever read through the histories of the signers of the Declaration of Independence? Theirs is a history of anguish and loss. Families slaughtered or in hiding. Lands seized, and death.

          Folks here talk a strong defiance game, but seem to lack the comprehension of the 2nd and 3rd orders of effects turning that talk into action will bring. Not saying anyone is right or wrong, just that to speak of active defiance and resistance means bringing to bear the largest bureaucracy in the world against a small, and disorganized group of ‘outliers.’

          As always, caveat empor.

        1. Without Training, Organisation, competent Leadership and so on Numbers mean only target rich enviroment
          It´s no use to´ve more warm bodies in abundance, when your enemies dominates the battlefields Points of gravity with superior Quality and strength of arms (and men) .

          1. You guys have to get your heads away from the idea that the only fight is the one you make when they come to your home at 3 am in force. That is a losing proposition. That is dying for not enough. The point of my post was not to encourage you to sit on your duff with a gun across your knees waiting for the SWAT team to arrive. It was simply to say that we need to turn this gun control idea on its head, because if we allow it to continue, it will eat away at our rights until we have given them up. Fight the soft fight now. Fight it vigorously. Because if you don’t, the only options left are the hard fight or surrender. And for God’s sake, if the hard fight comes, don’t make it from inside your house! Who waits, when they know they are at war, for the war to come to their house? A coward. That’s who. And if you are such, sell your guns now, while you can gain some material benefit from the loss of your rights. But please don’t sit in your house and then fire off a couple of rounds before you get killed or dragged blinking before the news cameras. That won’t help us. That is propaganda for the machine. If you haven’t the skill, or the steel to fight the hard fight as it needs fought, admit that to yourself and plan not to.

            But we can all fight the soft fight now. Educate the young ones, spend a little ammo turning non-shooters into gun nuts. Send that money to GOA or JFPO. Maybe even join the NRA. I don’t like them, but they do get things done. Look, anyone who is not our enemy needs to be our friend in this. The statists are trying to make us into “other” people, just like the Commies are doing to the whites in Africa. They do that so they can abuse and kill a segment of the population without protest from the rest of society. They turn us into people no one else identifies with, then they kill us. Get it? So don’t allow that. We have to go mainstream. Be friends with any reasonable person. Be a part of the community. Be so wired in that those who know you wont believe the government’s lies about you. And then, if all that fails, fight the hard fight. Not at your house. If you do not understand what that means, best get to studying. But until forced into a hard fight, do everything we can to annihilate the idea of gun control. Ideas are harder to kill than people, but it’s worth the effort.

          2. I advised only against a technique, that´s not a tactic, not even deserving a darwin Award.

            But what you call for is a tyranny of fear.

            No Chance turning me into one, i learned to shoot etc. but it was never a fun Thing.

  24. When Donald Trump was running for President I heard that he surrounds himself with the best people, experts.

    Howerver, President Trump has made very poor choices in his administration the worst in my opinion is the AG Sessions.

    If this is Presidents Trumps best pick than why believe he is a master of a head fake.

    I for one am old school, when someone makes a statement, “don’t worry about due process” means just what it states.

    Also to think SCOTUS will ever help Americans in the 2nd Amendment all you have to look at is John Roberts and Obamacare.

    Words mean things and I pray President Trump understands this principle because if not, a one term President he will be.

    1. Skip, I’ll clean that up for you…

      [quote] “I for one am old school, when someone makes a statement, ‘don’t worry about due process’ means … worry about due process.

      Also to think SCOTUS will ever help Americans in the 2nd Amendment all you have to look at is John Roberts and Obamacare.”

      Everyone should know that the supremes can, and have been bought, threatened, or otherwise coerced into agreeing with certain groups.

      Quasi-scientific evidence:
      1. The New Deal. POTUS threatened to expand the size of the court, filling it with ‘New Dealers’ if they didn’t validate the law.

      2. Obamacare. Did anyone else wonder how the Chief Justice rolled over and validated that law? Prior to the decision, most assumed it would be thrown out.

      Very roughly correlated… Justice Scalia. The rapid fire news cycle buried the horribly incongruous accounts of his death. Not saying anything, just sayin’.

  25. You simply cannot trust Donald Trump, regarding everything, ever. Trump has an open and well-documented disdain for the law, both “common” law and American law. He doesn’t care about your right to own firearms or any of your other rights either. Everyone and everything is just a means to an end to him, he could flip-flop on you at literally any second on any issue without so much as batting an eye.

    In fact the intelligent American would reconsider this volatile and moody man and quietly begin to “stock up” on certain fungible goods that might become very scarce and desirable should the current POTUS decide to do something previously unforeseen, let’s say. His “thoughts and opinions” regarding firearms are subject to change at literally any time, you need to bear that in mind and act accordingly.

  26. Liberals want to raise the buying age for rifles and shotguns to 21 because 18 year olds are not responsible enough to be trusted. They are doing this by using 16 year olds to lecture us about the Constitution and our rights. See the conflict?

    How are these 18 to 20 year olds going to vote with politicians insulting them this way?

  27. They should also raise the voting age if this passes. If they raise the firearm buying age to 21 , it had better include waivers . If you can join the military at 18, once you complete boot camp and are a military member. You should without a doubt be waived for firearms purchase. But my gut says its a ploy. I think its Trump using reverse psychology to get the American people vocal about their rights. It made me instantly renew my NRA membership to send a message. I think that’s what its all about. This will bring in millions more in membership and funds to fight the gun lobby.

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