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  1. One other thing that works re: gun regulations.


    It’s working in NY and CT right now.
    Send this message to your state and, if necessary, local officials.


    What are they going to do in NY/CT with a paltry 15% compliance rate to the new regulations? Arrest hundreds of thousands of people? No. They’re too scared and undermanned to do that. Our numbers are too great.
    My usual routine after one of these anti gun spasms is to go and buy another firearm, and/or try and find someone new who wants to learn how to shoot.
    As long as we are vigilant in perpetuating our culture, we will win.

  2. Re: 2nd amendment

    Yes, contact congress, but also your state legislators. Minnesota isn’t alone in trying to push through gun control during the current hysteria. The NRA website lists several states with the same/similar legislation pending, including Washington state. Legislative contact is imperative at this point as a stalling tactic until the situation stabilizes.

    ps. There was record attendance at a gun show in Florida this past weekend. Much media gnashing of teeth!

  3. Just had time to finish digesting the “Selco” interviews: https://www.theorganicprepper.com/selco-who-survives-who-dies-shtf/

    Wow! This was Bosnia in the 90’s. Is there any thing like this from the Venezuela crisis? I would love to hear from someone with similar experience in 2018. Thank you Selco for the wisdom of your experience. May God have mercy on those in similar situations (The persecuted church i.e. Iraq & Syria. God bless the USA again.

  4. Not only can they not hold a pencil they can’t sign their name. It’s all shaky block printing.

    At the state level NV dodged a bullet last year, they passed a new background check law for private sales but thankfully libtards are bad at writing laws. Turns out they wrote the law saying the FBI would do the private sales background checks and the FBI said “um, no, not our job to do state work”. So the law which would also make it a crime to hand a fellow hunter or family member a weapon was declared unenforceable and basically null and void. The liberals of course threw a tantrum demanding the adults fix it and were again told, no.

    They are going to try at every level and where ever they are successful they will use that law and tactic to spread like wildfire everywhere.

  5. The attacks on gun ownership are working quite well. It is a slow process and “they” are content to chipping away at the second amendment until it is a shell of it’s intent. I am disappointed that conservative commentators do not engage and expose the anti-gun perpetrators and call them out for what they are …….communists. This fact should be repeatedly referenced as they pound them on the anvil of freedom on a DAILY basis. Our commentators seem to approach the edge of this known subject but stop short….. almost as if they are afraid to take that next step. What we need is an in depth media expose’ to replace the worthless talking head programs that are in vogue these days.

  6. All too often the leftist movement that wants all guns confiscated to further their agenda of forcing the general public to accept unconstitutional mandates, and the liberal media use a tragedy like this to stir up the uninformed and juvenile thinking of people that don’t, or can’t think things through. All the laws needed were in place to prevent this shooting from happening, but if the personal who’s job it is to enforce those laws do not do their duty it has become the norm to blame a tool that is incapable of inflicting harm unless misused, and the law abiding owners of those tools who are of no danger to society in an unreasonable attempt to take away that tool. Right now the protestors are exercising their first amendment right to speak out, but have they ever stopped to consider that without the second amendment, the first amendment will be the next to go as the government that wants to disarm the public take more and more of their rights away. Ask any survivor of genocide such as the Holocaust what the first thing the Nazi government did. They disarmed the Jews, leaving them unable to protect themselves and their families and homes. Wake up America and read history. Not the history taught now, but the real history as it really happened. The students have a right to be upset. The very ones who are now exploiting this tragedy are the ones who for eight years, while in complete control of the American government refused to implement any changes that would make them safer. Israel is an example of what they could have done if they were really interested in protecting schools. Israel has not had a successful school shooting since 1974, when Palestine terrorist invaded a school and killed twenty two and wounded many more. Since then, Israel has hardened their schools, and trained teachers are armed. There have been two attempts since 1974 at invading Israeli schools with the intent to kill children. Both attempts were stopped by the armed teachers, but even now the liberals are spreading the fear of arming qualified school personal. No one is saying that every teacher is capable of being armed, there are many who would be as cowardly and ineffectual as the SRO deputy, but you can bet that the coach that had the courage to shield students with his own body would have been a force to be reckoned with.

  7. What I don’t understand, is why people don’t invest in making their own firearms at home? No registration. I guess it takes a little knowledge, but it really isn’t all that hard and isn’t regulated.

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