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  1. To the reader looking for auto tracking. It depends in cell coverage at the location. The cheap ones on ebay use 2 g cell service which is being phased out in US. You will need a sim card. What you want is a paygo plan with low monthly charge 5$. You pay for each message sent. Device can plug into OBCD port for power. You can set a geofence or motion alert and get an SMS when trigger d.

  2. One crypto to keep an eye on is Ripple (XRP) it’s moved from $0.20 to $1.87 in a few months is currently the third largest market cap crypto out there. It has actual real world use for transactions and expected to be adopted world wide. Might be worth researching and picking some up while it’s still “cheap”.

  3. Re: Bitcoin.
    Do you really trust that Bitcoin isn’t being manipulated by the government?
    Even if it isn’t, each transaction with it is a taxable event, and if you don’t keep track of every coin and it’s history, you could be looking at criminal tax evasion charges.
    I think they’re letting it boil up before completely regulating it’s purchase and use to the point of the dollar. At that point, the value crashes, but you still have to pay taxes on every movement your bitcoin has made.

  4. My brother is investing in the various crypto currencies and I’m willing to bet that he has not considered the various tax obligations of same. I’ll refer him to this comment. Thanks.

  5. Hi Jim,

    With all due respect, I personally know persons who are invested in Bitcoin without making any basic prepping arrangements.

    I would hope that you aggree that before “Bitcoin” , that getting Farmable Land should be stressed.

    Blessed New Year!

  6. I first heard of Anchor of Hope Charities here on Survival blog about three years ago and began donating to them. I have been impressed at the personal communications by their founder Judy. She always sends me a personal note of thanks along with a picture of some of the children she helps there in Zambia and her plans for future projects. I truly believe that this is a very worthwhile charity and by donating to them you can be assured your money will be spent wisely and do much good.

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