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  1. Be careful of the Amazon “Recommended Products”. I’m seeing this on a few sites, not sure how true it is or not (urban myth?), but apparently Amazon is “Recommending” that their customers buy an adapter for an Airsoft Glock that supposedly is a full auto converter for a real Glock. And the BATFE-ces comes a-knocking at your door. YMMV


  2. Good article on the risks of an all electric automotive society. Given our pall mall push toward driverless cars, and the associated idea of ride sharing rather than car owning (i.e., we just rent the cars when we want to go somewhere and others use it when it would just be sitting–meaning higher and ongoing profits for the car owners) and the likelihood of those becoming mandatory at some point “for our own safety and for the general good” we need to be wary of that, too. If you don’t own the car and have it immediately at your disposal, it won’t be there when you need it most.

  3. Here in England after the London riots in 2011 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_England_riots It was on the news that baseball bat sales had gone up. So I looked it up on Amazon and it came up Customers who bought this item also bought balaclava/ski masks.
    At work I told someone about this who said “they buy baseball bats? Pickaxe handle are a lot cheaper”.
    About 25+ years ago I was looking at a sales list for a large sports shop, and me being me looked up baseball bat and sales of bats outnumbered baseball sales by four to one. You would think that people would buy a ball with the bat so they would have a reason for needing the bat [yes you do need that in the UK, it is that sad/bad].

    1. I like a cheap aluminum bat from a secondhand store. No reason to buy the Cold Steel plastic bats since a) they’re $40, b) aluminum > plastic, and c) try explaining to a jury why you have a bat that’s only for hitting people. Even the regular aluminum ones online are $20 when you can have a pre-dented one from the Goodwill for $5 or less.

  4. Wasp spray will travel 20 feet so the looter doesn’t have to be right up next to you to feel the sting of your bat. Also, they would have to go to the hospital to have it removed out of the eyes. Keep it by your bed and spray anyone who decides to come visit you uninvited.

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