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  1. I have only recently started ready Jerry’s books. They are amazing to read, and full of wonderful detail. Another good man I won’t get to meet. I shall miss not meeting him.

  2. All of the recommendations include Windows 10 as the operating system (OS). That is the LAST OS I would recommend to anyone given Windows 10 propensity to “phone home” with personal data.

    Consider using Ubuntu version 16.04 which is the latest version with long-term support (LTS). You may even install it on a used laptop and still get acceptable performance. The Ubuntu OS Is free and installs with the Firefox web browser and Libre Office (which is similar to Microsoft Office).

    1. I’ll second the Ubuntu recommendation. I’m running v. 12.04 LTS, for many years passed it’s sunset date, and it still works great. Some versions of Linux are not for the faint of heart (I’ve performed stage 1 and 3 gentoo installs), but Ubuntu is simple to install, use, and maintain. The developers there have really done a bang-up job.
      Windows is horrible for so many reasons… especially the safety and privacy conscious, use anything but!

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