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  1. The dollar is still the worlds fiat currency. No other currency is close in scope and reach.
    And with the 12 private Banks that are The Federal Reserve that can print hundreds of billions of dollars will keep the dollar the King Currency for a long time.
    Also being a super power with a large nuclear force doesn’t hurt.

    Here is the thing with gold or silver, who do you sell it to when you need cash?

    And if nation’s actually go cashless precious metals will become expensive paper weights.

    Jim Rickards 10% rule is good diversity of assets in these times but if you see cash outlawed, sell it.

    1. The purpose in precious metals (particularly for preppers) is as a means of exchange after TSHF. That’s why more silver than gold, and coins or bars of known weight and purity. Gold is good for large expenses, say property taxes (becoming legal in many states), or maybe a good running “old” truck or suv. After TSHF an ounce of gold will go a long way.

  2. The ability to print unlimited numbers of dollars is the root of the problem!

    If you think the dollar is the only viable means of exchange, you need to get out more! The world will get along without the dollar and others are eager to take its place!

    The world has changed and tonight from Louisiana, I could buy or sell U.S stocks without using U.S. Dollars. Nor do I have to use a U’S’ Exchange or Bank! Imagine what the big boys are doing! Aubrey Turhun

  3. Sorry for any confusion but I did not state other currencies do not have value.
    I did state the US has the King of all fiat currencies. See the following definitions;

    Definition: A global currency is one that is accepted for trade throughout the world. Some of the world’s currencies are accepted for most international transactions. The most popular are the U.S. dollar, the euro and the yen. Another name for global currency is reserve currency. The US dollar is 64% of dominate fiat currency.
    The Petro-Dollar also helps maintain its position.
    Also check the dollar on the SDR’s and see who lost when China entered the game.

    As to international travel, I found the good old fashion dollar worked very well. However I have been denied using a Euro not being accepted in Victoria Canada, go figure.

    Of these, the U.S. dollar is the most popular. It makes up 64 percent of all known central bank foreign exchange reserve.

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