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  1. HJL, I sympathize with your mouse invasion; they hit my house and garage (we live way out in the country) last year and it took us 6 months to eradicate the little buggers. Everything had to be removed and the spaces cleaned three times before we even found their entry points. All cardboard (think canning jars) had to be removed and burned. Once the basement and garage were sealed we cleaned and returned the shelving. Then the stored glass canned items had to be cleaned so I purchased clear plastic storage containers to put the jars in. The #10 cans of FD or dehydrated items had to be cleaned and labeled as the paper labels had been chewed off. It was a huge time consuming effort but a learning experience. Now I have four cats that patrol the basement, house, garage and attic and let me know it any uninvited critters are sneaking in.

  2. We tried growing old fashioned hard red winter wheat. We planted an area 50’square. It was “new” ground and we used no fertilizer. We harvested it by hand, laid out a heavy tarp and thrashed it with sticks. We cheated and used a fan to blow away the chaff. We ended up with enough wheat to supply a years worth of grinding for flour for a family of three. Plus enough to reseed for another year. It was an experiment that was very successful. I would think, in our area, a 100′ square area using organic material for fertilizer would supply a family of five, have some left for poultry and reseed again. Now, when I see the vast wheat fields of Eastern Washington and Montana I understand why we can feed the world

  3. No fresh preps this week for me. I am conducting a full inventory of what I have. My BBB list is obviously smaller than I like, but I can concentrate on where I am the shortest and put it in some type of order. I am trying to find some more Estate sales, but most of the hand tools are gone by the time I get there. I am finding zero hand tools at the thrift stores and areas like that. Carpe Diem/Semper Gumby.

  4. I use the little plug in ultrasonic repeller from Victor, I get them from tractor supply and they have really kept them out of my barn. Before they were everywhere. After a week they were gone with these little devices.

  5. Jim, That Ventusky site shows Irma going in at Atlantic City NJ and parreling the coast as a cat 3 , where I live will get the North East Quadrant! Yikes we haven’t recovered from Sandy yet.
    wind speeds show 120 mph + in gusts .Really bad situation if this pans out it will dwarf whats happening in Tx. Starting to get things in order. PACE applies , E plan might have to spend the night in the AC / FAA airport bunker.
    hope this doesn’t happen.
    Praying Hard

  6. Been at my folks in Rockport since the storm hit. Portions of their house are gone but everyone is well. I will send a full update of what worked well when things stabilize. Due to the preparedness of the 70+ year olds, the most common request has been bring ice cream.

  7. Watching this latest hurricane and seeing it strengthen, I was reminded of JWR’s warning of God’s coming judgment on USA. We who are His recognize His sovereignty. Everyone else will call it global warming.

  8. The house I live in had mouse poop everywhere when I moved in. The house is almost 100 years old, and you can see daylight in places in the cellar, which has a dirt floor. It cannot be sealed, as it also has a small spring on the uphill side.

    Between my indoor cats, and a small, protected outdoor colony, the only rodents I now see are dead ones, and very few of those. There are three dead voles out on the porch. The outdoor cats are showing off.

    And no more mouse poop. They don’t live long enough.

    Also, cats love snakes. It isn’t mutual. They love to kill snakes. The only snake I’ve seen in the last seven years was a very tattered one being triumphantly dragged across the side porch by one of the outdoor cats.

    Electrical gizmos won’t work in TEOTWAWKI.

  9. God bless homeschooling parents. I have so much respect for you. Every Sunday I am in awe of our homeschooled children; so polite. During dinner afterwards they actually communicate with one another; the older ones naturally oversee the younger ones while their parents fellowship. The children are never disruptive and I’ve yet to see one staring at a stupid cell phone!

    Honestly, when I see the behavior of government-schooled children I swear they are a different species. I stand by my view that the 2 best gifts parents can give to their children are Jesus Christ and schooling at home.

  10. The best repellent for mice that we have found is PURE peppermint oil. I get mine at Vitacost.com.
    Be very careful when using it. It will clear any stuffy sinuses. Wear rubber gloves.
    Remember that mice don’t usually run across a room, they travel where floor and wall meet, so putting a few drops of peppermint oil across the floor, threshold, and along the floor/wall is effective. A small piece of cotton or cloth with several drops of oil can be used to distribute the oil. This oil WILL linger in the structure. You may wish to leave the building for a time. Start with a small amount. Do a doorway floor, then add more after you see how it affects you.

  11. I found evidence of a mouse in my kitchen a few years ago, so I promptly cleaned & re-packaged items as needed & then put out a trap. When I checked the trap the next morning I was startled to find that my intruder was a hamster. None of the neighbors confessed to losing a pet. Aquisition a cat has solved the problem completely.

    1. Technically the Saffir-Simpson scale only has 5 catagories. However, catagory 6 was proposed after the 2005 season to describe hurricanes with winds exceeding 180mph. There is controversy on the issue. Simpson claims that the scale is intended for measuring the damage caused to man-made structures and after 155mph there isn’t much difference in terms of damage. The criticisms of the existing scale are many. The scale has no way of describing the size of the storm nor the amount of precipitation dropped by the storm. By referring to “Catagory 6” we were referring to the “off-the-scale” destruction of a very powerful storm.

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