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Here is SurvivalBlog’s News From The American Redoubt. This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. We also mention companies of interest to preppers that are located in the region. The emphasis this week is on solar eclipse videos shot in the American Redoubt States.


Idaho officials reject bait hunting plan targeting wolves

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Behind the Scenes with Freedom Munitions. (They are in Lewiston, Idaho.)

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If you are looking for top quality yard play equipment for your kids, check out this family-owned Idaho company: Backyard Fun and More.

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Video: Total Solar Eclipse 2017 from Idaho Falls


Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte photographed, fingerprinted after assault conviction. JWR’s Comments: The political motivation behind the demand for this court order is all too obvious. They “book” a man who was never arrested. They do so even though he  already pled guilty and made full restitution. This smacks of political bias and grandstanding. Politics are are often about appearances, and clearly Gianforte’s Democrat opponents want their coveted Perp Walk Moment immortalized. They want this, even if it has to be fabricated, after the fact.

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“Hawk-snake” photos garner attention for Montana volunteer fire department


Eastern Oregon

SurvivalBlog reader TTabs posted this great video, shot near LaGrande, Oregon: Into the Eclipse at 12,000 Feet … in a Trike!

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The Total Eclipse – NASA in Oregon – Amazing Quality

Eastern Washington

Slavic churches bring traveling Bible exhibit to Spokane

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Another Washington wolf pack targeted for lethal action after attacks on cattle


Grand Teton sees record burst of visitors during eclipse

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360 Degree VR Solar Eclipse Live Stream With Jeffrey Kluger From Casper, Wyoming


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  1. Wolves again, just get rid of them and be done with it. They are a non-redeeming menace artificially introduced into the area and don’t belong. Why would anyone be surprised at this point that wolves are preying on livestock. THAT’S WHAT THEY DO!!!

    Get rid of them by whatever means possible.

  2. “Reintroducing” wolves into our area was like “reintroducing” Japanese arrowroot or kudzu (Pueraria montana v. lobata). An ideal study in unintended consequences. Or were they…..

    And then there’s the whole Hydatid Tapeworm (Echinococcus granulosus) thing. Andromeda Strain on four legs, and incurable. Are they the smallpox blankets for the 21st Century?


    S3. End of story.

  3. The Slavic Bible Exhibit is important to show the history of CHristianity, after Christ’s death there was only one church the Catholic Church. That lasted until 1054 AD when the Roman Catholics and the Orthodox split, of which the Slavic are part.
    In the 1500 s Martin Luther split away forming a third Christian Church called the Lutherans but that encouraged many others to the point today where we have some 30,000+ divisions of Christianity, not one.

    1. There were dozens if not hundreds of Christian sects until the council of Nicea that created the catholics,insured the fall of Rome and brought a thousand years of darkness to europe and the middle east. Two examples are coptic and eastern orthodox that have changed little in 1500-2000 years.

    2. Alan,
      I agree the Slavic Bible Exhibit is important, but your view of church history is not correct. Acts is full of divisions within the church and most of Paul’s writings are about trying to keep various churches from doing their own thing. But even on the grand scheme of things, it’s not as simple as you state.
      After the death of Christ, Christianity was considered just a growing sect within Judaism. They met on Saturday in the synagogues right alongside the Jewish community. After the 70AD, the Essenes were essentially wiped out by the Romans and the Saducees took a huge hit because their sect revolved around the Temple. That left the Pharisees and Christians. Both of these, still considered Jewish in nature and centered in Jerusalem, still worshiped side by side until Simon bar Kokhba and the revolt of 132AD. Because the revolt centered around bar Kokhba claiming to be the Messiah, the Pharisee sect (forerunner of modern Judaism) separated from Christianity and the center of the the Christian church began to move from Jerusalem to Rome. Even then, there were many different segments of the church, but were sort of united (along with many other religions) into one religion that became the Roman Catholic church. The Oriental Orthodox church split from the Roman Catholic in ~451AD over differences in Christology. The Eastern Orthodox church formally split from the Roman Catholic in roughly 1054AD (but a very gradual split) over a variety of reasons including the Roman Catholics insistence of a Pope.
      The Anabaptist, Lutheran and Anglican also all split off of the Roman Catholic church.
      It should be noted that ALL of these attempt to claim direct lineage to the original first century church, but ALL have deviated from the original worship (mostly due to the anti-Semitic bent of the church from the bar Kokhba rebellion and forward.)
      It’s a storied past, but the Slavic Bible Exhibit is an important part of that history. The Slavs branched from the Eastern Orthodox church (not the Roman Catholic church) in the 9 century AD.

  4. Wolves were around long before any humans were in the Americas,as a apex species they are necessary for a healthy ecosystem. If you keep livestock you are responsible to protect the animals that don’t protect themselves(Bison do,cattle don’t)

  5. There is no smacking here. Gianforte being photographed and fingerprinted even if he was never arrested is pretty normal following an assault case. For all I know, Montana state law might even require it. Whenever a conviction happened in this manner 45 years ago when I was a cop, we always asked the court for an order to do this. In today’s world this should be common for any assault case to have a searchable record in order to protect police in case of future encounters. Having said that, I have a great deal of sympathy for the Congressman. In addition, I am not so sure that the Congressman didn’t feel like he was responding to a threat to himself although he threw the only punch (as far as I know).

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