Freeze Dried Friday:

Idle machines

Sometimes you just have to set things aside to make room for everything. There was so much going on around the Latimer household that both freeze dryers sat idle this whole week. I kept intending to fire them up as the harvest is really coming off now and the main freezer is starting to load up. Yet before I knew it, the week was almost over and I still hadn’t even looked at them. Therefore, we will postpone our updates in this column for a week. Hopefully things will slow down enough that we can fire at least one of those freeze dryers up again. I’m thinking it’s about time to run a couple of complete meals through them for camping.

However, if you made something scrumptious that you would like to tell us about, please post about it in the comments!

In the meantime, feel free to browse and comment on the past Freeze Dried Friday articles.


  1. Like you, I was busy doing other ‘immediate’ chores and my FD sat quiet until today. Doing 7 dz scrambled eggs now and plan to make some cowboy quiche to put in as soon as eggs are finished.

  2. We’re keeping the FDers busy with raw milk before our supply dries up for a few months. The season’s first batch of salsa is going. I’ve especially enjoyed just putting our basil through the food processor before freeze drying it. It’s so easy to use and much better tasting than freezing or dehydrating. Next thing to go in will be the 12 doz. eggs that are taking up too much room.

  3. Made some more pizza ” crackers ” again.

    Additionally, we just finished zucchini slices ( DELICIOUS ! ) and four trays of spaghetti sauce.

    I have started to completely drain all the oil immediately after usage, then fill the pump beyond the splash plate to minimize any affects of water / rust on components. I’ll take the cover off after a few more batches and let you know how things work out.

    Additionally, I have made my own filter system from 3 inch PVC pipe and stuffed it with quilting – used Agribon fabric row cover to place on lower end of pipe. So far extremely pleased with results. The key is to pour the unfiltered oil into the pipe small batches at a time. Comers out nice and clear. Still developing further ” tweaks ” !

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