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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. There is an interesting article on the failed state of South Sudan and lessons the KRI can learn today.


Reader H.L. sent in the link to an interesting video that shows the media is once again lying along with this commentary:

“Short video shows that for the most part, those who asked for and received permit to march (the so-called Alt-Right came armed to protect themselves) were walking and the Left leaning group consisting of Antifa/Black Lives Matter and others came with signs and heavy sticks prepared to cause trouble. The Left also had cans filled with cement and someone had tear gas. There is some narrative and pointing out that one needs sometimes to watch as many videos and angles of such marches to see the truth. Those guiding the left want to tear down our form of government and replace it with Socialism and are well on their way to so doing! Thanks for government run schools and universities that are almost completely Socialistic/Communistic.

“Too many Americans do not realize they are PAWNS in the Globalist Game of Chess to destroy America and hollow out completely our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Only by reading, viewing and searching out the truth and making your own decision will you have the possibility of learning the truth! Americans have the right to think what they want, but they do not have the right to attack other Americans who are living peacefully. This goes for both sides. When people have not learned how to peacefully discuss their philosophies, they resort to violence. Violence tears nations apart and the government steps in and takes over! Economic freedom cannot thrive where there is such violence. Freedom for all is then lost! Remember How Hitler rose to power? History is one of the most important subjects to study. History usually repeats itself.”


Reader H.L. also notified us of this excellent article outlining two centuries of immigration to, and immigration policy of the U.S. It also has a link to an animated graph depicting actual immigration to the states. Visualizing the history like this gives you a real appreciation of what it means to be a nation of immigrants. The only thing I would challenge in the storyline is that even those that we consider “native” actually immigrated from somewhere else (usually Asia). Except for a few years, the U.S. has had an “open-border” policy. How has that worked out for those generations that were affected? Not so well, I’m afraid.

South Sudan

As the youngest nation (est. 2011) in the world, South Sudan holds some lessons that the modern world can learn from. On September 25th, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) will be holding a referendum to determine independence. South Sudan also held a referendum with nearly a unanimous vote to become independent (98%). Yet today, only six years later, South Sudan is considered the number one failed state. What caused it to fail? Lack of unity. The KRI is also rife with tribalism and barely visible civil war. If they don’t move carefully, South Sudan will be replaced as the number one failure and the KRI will take its place.

Second Amendment

Good news on the ammunition front. CCI is opening a new .22 rimfire production facility in Idaho. Perhaps soon you won’t have to pay nearly $30 for a brick of .22! It’s a sad state when you can plink with 9mm less expensively than .22 rimfire.

o o o

One of our favorite vloggers, Wranglerstar, is featuring a set of rifle targets based off of electrical conduit. He’s been pretty hyped up about long distance targets since attending the Leupold Optics academy. Nice! A 600 yard shooting range in your backyard! Thanks to T.J. for the link.

Seven Million Without Power

Taiwan has suffered a massive power outage, and an estimated seven million households are without power. The power went out on Tuesday but had been mostly restored by Wednesday afternoon. Businesses are claiming little impact on operations, but residents were struggling in 90 degree weather. Showing the fragility of the power infrastructure, Taiwan Power Co said the outage was due to human error and caused six of its generators to stop working. Thanks to G.P. for the link.


With 1925% inflation, things are getting bad. Last week, a handful of Venezuelan soldiers (armed and in uniform) were caught in neighboring Guyana begging for food. The Guyanese police had responded to reports that the soldiers were raiding and stealing food but instead found three soldiers begging for meals. They were certainly desperate and had crossed into Guyana on a wooden raft. I’m equally sure that the reports of stealing food were real as well; the authorities just hadn’t found them.


  1. Also, what about Jason Kesslers history with the occupy movement? My spidy senses are tingling!

    Somebody needs to take that chubby lil feller out behind the barn for a long talk!

  2. “It’s a sad state when you can plink with 9mm less expensively than .22 rimfire.”

    Please tell me where I can buy 500 rounds of 9mm for less than 500 rounds .22 rimfire. I can find .22 for .05/round from multiple manufacturers, but I sure can’t find the 9mm you’re talking about for .05/round, or $2.50/box.

  3. Those of us on the right should not be organising or going to protests. That’s what Marxists do.
    Charlottesville was entirely predictable.

    And what idiot goes to a Unite the Right rally organised by the guy that organised the Occupy Wall Street protests? And was a donor to the Dem party?

    And what numbskull goes to a protest with KKK, nazi flag waving white supremacists and David Duke on the billing? Yeah, that same David Duke that just went to Iran to commiserate with the Ayatollahs about how the holocaust never happened.

    Not to mention you had the help of the ACLU to obtain the permit. Really?

    1000 times more could have been accomplished with a written petition to stop the removal of historic monuments. With just a few well placed ads or letters to the powers that be. Instead, now the extreme left has been given a platform to speak, just when they were starting to fade into the background. It’s almost as if the left organised the whole thing themselves.

    Now, expect the mad rush around the country to destroy historical monuments to pick up considerable steam.
    Well played, numbnuts.

    1. 1) It was NOT just Charlottesville. The assemblies of Trump supporters were repeatedly sabotaged by Hillary’s thugs during the campaign– with deeply dishonest News Corporations just itching to film a fight that they could twist into “violent dangerous Trump fascists attack peaceloving innocents.”
      2) Clintonian scum then tried to overturn the electoral votes of Michigan, Pennsylvania,etc by suing for recounts — claiming that every vote must be counted. Have you looked at WHO dumped large sums into funding the lawsuits?
      3) Their hypocrisy shone bright within one week after they lost the recounts — when they turned 180 degrees and argued that the votes of 120+ MILLION American voters should be thrown away and the President chosen by a mere 450 electors. That the electors should be allowed to disregard their oaths and betray the voters they promised to represent. That the President should be chosen by 450 nobodies whose names were not on the ballot. Nobodies that could be easily compromised — by massive bribes from Democrat billionaires, by threats of lawsuits or unemployment or by threats against their families.
      4) It is false to claim this Evil Cabal is the left. Bernie Sanders and his supporters fought them just as strongly as did Trump’s supporters. Hillary lost Michigan to Trump for the same reason she lost it to Bernie in the primary — because she endorsed a corrupt Obama economic policy that dumped 8 years of 20% unemployment onto Michigan’s black community while Obama’s rich donors hauled money out of the Treasury with wheelbarrows.

      1. What about the attacks on Ann Coulter at Berkeley by these thugs? Or the riot at Middlebury College?

        In my opinion, antifa terrorist thugs deserve to be stacked up like firewood the next time they attack Americans. We have a right of self-defense.

        WHERE is the FBI? Where is local law enforcement? The police not controlled by Democratic hacks, I mean.

    2. A letter to the editor,a petition? You are in fantasy land nothing short of overwhelming violence is going to dissuade these Stalinists from destroying everything and making you a slave

      1. I know it has little, if any, effect. What do you suggest? Open violence on the street? Not yet, in my opinion.
        We have to be smarter about this. The protest in Charlottesville illustrated perfectly how out of touch some people are with respect to how the Marxists work. They got played.
        The first avenue to explore is the legal one. For instance, the state Police have videotape of the entire debacle, taken from the National guard building’s tower. Can we FOIA that video, identify aggressors and prosecute them? Merely making something like that go viral has a positive effect.
        These people aren’t going away. Ever. But if we take to the streets, we most certainly will.

        1. It’s said that there are four boxes to be used in the defense of Liberty.
          1) The Soap Box. Exercise your 1st Amendment rights.
          2)The Ballot Box. Be informed and vote wisely.
          3)The Jury Box. Jury nullification can and should be used to refuse to convict someone being prosecuted for breaking an unjust law that infringes on liberty.
          4)The Ammo Box. Your 2nd Amendment rights are there to ensure that no one and nothing, including the government, shall infringe upon any of the other liberties afforded by God and named in the Bill of Rights.

  4. 1)The manipulating scum who are organizing attacks on American assemblies are playing with fire.

    2) Why respect a government or legal system so utterly corrupt that it lets your most sacred rights — the right to free speech and the right to peacefully assemble — be destroyed by thugs? Thugs who are probably in the pay of Democratic billionaires.

    3) The US Constitution was explicitly designed on the structure of the ancient Roman Republic. And we are following the same pattern that led to that Republic’s fall: A small rich class getting extremely wealthy from an Empire founded on the blood and sacrifice of the middle class. And that same rich clique of wealthy patricians destroying that middle class with poverty by importing huge numbers of foreign slaves while the common citizens rot in unemployment.

    4) HBO had a good series on the fall of the ancient Roman Republic. In one episode, a careful manipulation by the corrupt elites in the Roman Senate is destroyed by a chance quarrel between two men in opposing factions who fought the previous night over a crooked dice game. They trigger a street battle that brings down the Roman Republic. See

    5) A chance spark can explode into conflagation. If you don’t believe me, check Wikipedia on the Reichstag Fire.

  5. Charlottesville

    VDARE has video of 5 seconds before the FAKE NEWS video of the car attack showing ALT_Left antifa attacking his car with bats and breaking a window. That changes the story just like the video of Gentle Mike Brown beating up a liquor store clerk when fake news said he was going to church

    It would also be a good time to remind people that this summer an antifa leader said stabbing a cop’s horse was justified.

    Todays muslim vehicle attack in Spain will have the FAKE NEWS reverse its saying on vehicle attacks again. Don’t blame all ____

  6. This Charlottesville nonsense is just the latest show for the masses. Last month it was the Russia probe. That went no where. So now they have this to attempt to discredit the current administration with. Next month they will likely come up with something like. The only reason why he is going after MS 13 is because they are mostly Latinos.

    Funny that nobody got upset when President Obama did not come out and criticize the BLM group when they were committing acts of violence.

    But the main thing here is that both the Dems and the Repubs are doing whatever they can to nullify this administration, just because he is not their boy. More and more with each passing day these Democrats and republicans are acting more like the Bloods and the Crips than statesmen.

    1. 1) Daily Kos is one of the major Democratic blogs. Last year the owner, Kos, threatened to ban any member who spoke out against Hillary — including long time Democratic members who supported Bernie. He did this before the primaries were over and in response to scathing criticism of Hillary by Bernie supporters.

      2) Here is the message going out to Daily Kos members today:
      XXXX, the alt-right “Free Speech” rally is still moving forward as scheduled despite incredible public pressure and multiple controversial speakers dropping out of the line-up. But this decision should not be left to white nationalists.
      The event’s organizers now have the permits necessary to rally on public grounds. But their presence is a threat to public safety and they are unwelcome. It’s time for the city’s leadership to end this!
      Sign and send a letter to Boston mayor Martin Walsh. Tell him to do everything in his power to ensure that white nationalists do not march on Boston.
      We must not let another tragedy like Charlottesville terrorize our cities. We must not let hate win.
      Keep fighting,
      Irna Landrum, Daily Kos
      P.S. You can read email I sent earlier about this awful rally below.
      XXXXX, last week a white nationalist march in Charlottesville, VA resulted in violence, grave injury, and death. Now another group of white supremacists wants to rally in Boston this Saturday, under the guise of protecting free speech.
      We need to send a strong message that we will not give quarter to bigots and their hate speech. Hate speech leads to hate crimes and prejudiced policies like those Trump wants to advance. We won’t let white nationalists terrorize our communities.
      Click here to send a letter to Boston’s mayor urging that he immediately shut down Saturday’s “Free Speech” hate rally.
      At least 1,000 people are expected to attend the rally on Saturday. While this event’s organizers are distancing themselves from the terroristic violence in Charlottesville, the line-up still boasts two speakers affiliated with the so-called “alt-right,” more accurately known as white nationalists.
      Boston mayor Martin Walsh opposes this toxic rally, especially in light of last week’s tragedy, so much that he’s willing to join the counterprotest if the event isn’t cancelled. However, from his position, he must take bold action to prevent the cancer of racism, bigotry, and hate to spread any further.
      Sign and send a letter to Boston’s mayor: Urge him to immediately shut down the so-called “Free Speech” rally on Saturday.
      Keep fighting,
      Irna Landrum, Daily Kos
      So much for the “so-called” First Amendment.

  7. “History is one of the most important subjects to study. History usually repeats itself.”

    Hence the desperate need of this government to promote the failure of the government schools to teach actual history. Without true history as an example, something to learn from, we will keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

    We engage in useless wars, globally, because our government refuses to learn the lessons of history. We now engage in wars in the homeland against our fellow citizens because we refuse to learn the lessons of history. Think of the failed war on drugs, the ongoing war on raw milk, the ongoing war on the family farm, the war on natural medicine. The wars continue, against our citizens, against our very families. And all for the glory of Rome, scratch that, Washington, DC, the UniParty. All hail the UniParty.

  8. Immigration. The natives are the North American tribes men, like the Huron, Mohawk Apaches. Those who were in North America before everybody else. The Europeans who colonized the continent became native of this continent because they are no longer Europeans. The identify with North America. Many of today’s immigration do not identify with America.

    When my ancestors came as settlers to America, centuries ago, they were very lucky the natives were there to teach them and help them adapt to a way of life they did not know.

    1. 1) From a survivalist viewpoint, I don’t think the near extinction of the native Americans is a strong argument for adopting their immigration policy. How many Indians celebrate Thanksgiving?

      2) The other lesson is that North America is a very hard place in which to survive with primitive technology. The Indians and Europeans were at about the same level 12,000 years ago — but the Europeans had jumped far ahead by 1500 AD. They crossed the Atlantic, not the Indians. The Indians had not even exited the Stone Age — no Iron, not even Bronze. No domesticated animals. No written language –hence no way to advance from one generation to the next.

      3) By 1500 AD, the Indians did not even have enough of a food surplus to support a class of thinkers, inventors, artisans or scientists even to the level of Greece circa 400 BC. No large cities to equal what was in the Mediterraean by 1000 BC.

      4) None of this was due to any shortcomings within the Indians themselves — it was due to geography. North-South orientation vs East-West of Eurasia. It took thousands of years for corn to be bred that could move north from the tropics and survive the short growing season of even the southern USA.

      5) This continent has very limited carrying capacity with primitive tech. The Europeans thrived eventually be because they had domesticated animals. In 1900 AD there was one horse for every 3 Americans — today, the ratio is less than 1 horse per 100 Americans in many parts of the USA. (I seem to recall it is about 1 per 7 people in the Redoubt area.)

      6) If we open up the doors, America will become a starving, impoverished, over-populated, heavily polluted, deeply corrupt manure hole like much of the rest of the world. Places that support tyranny because a secure food supply is far more important in those places than is freedom.

  9. @Hugh,
    Would the only native be the mountain lion, also called Cougar and grizzly bear? What is the point?

    I know my origins in Europe but I am not European. I identify with America. Many immigrants don’t. They still consider their country of origin as their country.

    1. 1) The Germans have an interesting word: “Volkerwanderung”. Describes the destruction of the Roman Empire (in the West) by massive migrations which some attribute to climate change on the Russian steppe– the Huns going on the move for food, driving the Germans before them, the Germans overrunning the defenses of Rome, etc.

      2) However, it is hard to figure out what happened. The money quote from the above article:
      “In general, French and Italian scholars have tended to view this as a catastrophic event, the destruction of a civilization and the beginning of a “Dark Age” that set Europe back a millennium.[33] In contrast, German and English historians have tended to see Roman/Barbarian interaction as the replacement of a “tired, effete and decadent Mediterranean civilization” with a “more virile, martial, Nordic one”.[33]

      3) Circa 440 AD, a Christian priest named Salvian left an interesting account of how the Roman citizens were refusing to defend the Empire and were defecting to the foreign invading warlords — because they found the foreign invaders more kind and humane than their own vicious elites and the Emperor’s tax collectors.

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