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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. More absurdness from our public schools is revealed today.

Communications Sans Cellphones

Imaging trying to communicate with your loved ones if the cell phone network suddenly stopped working. Can you reach your spouse at work? How about your kids while at their friends house or at some activity they are participating in? Most preppers have at least considered the possibility and many have actively planned for alternat communications. If you are one of the few that haven’t, you need to read this introductory article that reader DSV sent in on How To Talk When Cell Phones Don’t Work.

Second Amendment

We’ve already reported on Seattle’s legal battle to keep the revenue generated by their ridiculous gun tax private and how they lost in court. It wasn’t surprizing that most people simply purchased guns and ammo outside of where the tax was collected. Now, because of the legal battle they lost to the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), we find two interesting things:

  1. Over 80% of the measly$108,013.04 tax revenue generated was from one single gun shop. The city expected anywhere from $300,000 to $500,000.
  2. The cost of defending the legal suit brought by SAF to force them to release the records cost more than the revenue collected from the tax.

Thanks to P.S. for that link.

Public Schools

Do you still have your kids in a government controlled public school? Do you really need another reason to get them out of these indoctrination camps? Reader S.H. sent in this article on the Illinois Family Institute web site that is well worth reading: Christians Must Exit Government Schools

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Reader DSV also sent in this article on a Maryland school board that was taken to task by a man who found out that a graduate of that school couldn’t read cursive. While he was surprised and appalled, I’m afraid that this is much more common that most people believe. Elementary schools used to use rote practice to teach looped cursive to children. Now that sort of teaching is now considered cruel. Most schools that I know of have quite teaching cursive and many don’t even make students study the multiplication tables anymore.


Americans should take note here. MS-13 is a gang that is known and feared for their brutality. They have no fear of the legal system, police or even federal agents as they engage in their violence. They have been known to intimidate judges, detectives, witnesses and juries. Even when incarcerated, they soon become a terror within the penal system. But they are terrified of La Sombra Negra. Translated as “the Black Shadow, it is an apt name for a group that has surfaced many times in El Salvador over the last few decades. The members are vigilantes with unknown IDs, but they systematically and viciously kill MS-13 gang members.


Detroit has eight mayoral candidates in this election and half of them are convicted felons. The convictions involve drugs, assault or weapons. Two of them were charged with assault with intent to commit murder. Just the sort of people we need running a city plagued by high crime. I think it shows the sad state of affairs in the city. Thanks to P.S. for that link.

Unlicensed Pets

A federal judge has ruled that if you haven’t paid your extortion license fees for your pets, they are not properly considered legal. Instead they are effectively considered “contraband”. This takes away any legal standing you think you have when the police shoot your pet. It doesn’t matter why they shoot them either. Even if you do pay those fees and have them properly licensed, all the responding officer has to do is claim he “feared for his life” and he gets a pass. You might think of your pets as family, but the government considers them property. One Detroit officer has killed 73 dogs through the course of his career.


  1. Regarding the article on Cursive Writing, my 28 year old Grand Nephew who is an excellent all around mechanic with a 4 year degree in Agricultural Technology cannot read or write cursive. His printing is almost illegible, and his numbers are usually illegible. He is obdurate and does NOT want to improve his hand writing! However, his 74 year old Great Aunt (me) is a determined individual and I have a “carrot” to dangle. When he returns from his 6 month trip around Europe, and starts working again, I will see what I can do. The very inadequate Government (public) school system in America has been a sore point with me for decades. I am fortunate that my elderly teacher for Grades 1, 2, and 3 was born in the late 1800’s. She was a product of our formerly great schools.

  2. GS-13

    “Americans should take note here. GS-13 is a Federal gang that is known and feared for their brutality. They have no fear of the legal system, or even local police…”

    Both criminals and cops wade through humanity, creating a wake of destroyed lives.

  3. Pets are wonderful for the owners that choose to own them. We now have a law passed in Colorado that says if you are minding your own business on your land and other peoples dogs are at large you cannot shoot them. If you do the Sheriff is to treat the case like a murder investigation. Meanwhile the penalties for at large dogs did not go up. People value their animals more than human beings now. Even when their animals are out of line. We live remote and we cannot prove every little thing. Unless we turn into these weird people who cannot go anywhere without a camera or phone. I have had people argue till there is no tomorrow, that their dogs have a right to be a mile away from home up onto our land and we must be dog haters and we are bad people. Why should our girrls have to wonder if someone is going to walk up the road and yell there fool head off as there dog runs and jumps all over my children in our sandbox? And the owner just giggles saying oh they wouldn’t hurt anyone as the dog scratches and knocks our children down and then growls and snaps at you while the owners acts like whats wrong with you “he/she has NEVER done that before”. while cooing at their dog. They want a dog because it’s trendy and then they want three of them and do not invest in a kennel or fence to take responsibility for them and I am a bad guy and want to kill and hurt things when I try to use rubber to send them off my land and it doesn’t go the way I intended. These dogs crap all over the road and it is “just their natural enviroment” they chase the grouse in spring and the elk herd on our land in winter and they ask
    (the Sheriff and owners(different ones)) “did you get a picture?” It’s awful how the value system is so warped in this country. They want o build and move into the mountains and wildlife and bring dogs and cats to become wild predators killing and chasing off everything that they had an “idea” to move here for. They all want their freedom and no responsibility for it.

  4. What about “shoot, shovel and shut up?” With more than FIVE MILLION (reported) dog bites in the USA yearly, a strange dog, even a small dog, can be a danger to someone not known to them, especially when their owner is not with them! Does it come down to a person with livestock having bonifid GUARD DOGS living with their stock? Those dogs DO exist, but then one runs the risk of such a (they are large dogs) dog going rogue, or attacking a stranger they deem a “threat” to their livestock.

    Obviously, this law was passed by politicians who have NOT been farmers/ranchers, and are probably from California or another state with too many “idiots”! Is it time for another Colorado RECALL of the person(s) who created this bill? How about a few law suits? However, such suits cost a lot of money. The lawyers always WIN, but often the plaintiffs lose.

    I am NOT a dog hater. In fact, grew up with wonderful dogs, cats, farm animals, and have been a life long rescuer!

    1. Agree. As a rural property owner who gets ‘vists’ from neighbor dogs, I try to be tolerant, but they’ve learned to steer clear of me.
      If my livestock becomes at risk, I’m a heck of a shot, and own several shovels.

    2. Most of the votes were from Denver, Boulder How’s that “democracy”…Ahem “mob rule” vs. rule of law? Should I just leave the e-brake off when I park my car so everyone else can deal with it when I go for a hike? I feel for the Sheriff’ and Police. Dog related calls are the most common call on the police/Sheriff’ blotter in the newspaper.

    1. You should use more than lethal force to defend your family. Good sense requires a hand gripping a leash when crossing a street filled with dog and child killing machines. Your right to allow a dog to run free ends where the dog behavior becomes threatening to other people who also have the right to defend themselves with lethal force on their own property. Then, there are Police who enjoy killing dogs….

    2. IF your dog is away from your home and not under your direct control and it threatens me or my family, it will be shot dead. Very simple, control your dog or I will.

  5. I love dogs, but I would kill one in a second if it was threatening to bite me. I had a tenant who had a couple of bad dogs. When I went there I would carry a shovel — a smaller version with a D-handle on the end. And excellent weapon, I might add. But as a minimum I would keep it between me and the dog. Dogs understand and recognize weapons/clubs and become more wary and less aggressive around them.

  6. I have had dogs my whole life but like GoneWithTheWind, I would not to hesitate to kill one that threatened me. All these stories about dogs that “would never hurt anyone” are fine when the owner is with the dog and controlling it, all bets are off if that is not the case.
    In some states (Minnesota and New York to name two), it is legal to kill dogs that are chasing deer.
    I went on plenty of no knock search warrants as a cop, and most cops are more afraid of a dog being there than bad guys, I don’t know why, we never seemed to have a problem with them, of course it was the suburbs so it was mostly froufrou dogs and labs!

    1. The conversation has migrated somewhat from what the article actually says. I don’t think anyone questions the right of a person to kill an animal that is threatening them. However, if you read the article, many of these dogs have been killed while chained up, behind closed doors, et cetera.
      How do you justify shooting through a closed door to kill a dog that is barking? Or one that is chained up and can’t get to you? What that means is many in the field are way too quick on the trigger. Especially the one shooting through the closed door. How do you know what else is on the other side of that door?

  7. Cursive? What happens when we don’t have audio recorders (much less video)? The orations from Roman times through the sermons of the time of the revolution were done via the lost art of shorthand. I suppose the court recorder device could also be used.

  8. My dog is family. Period. End of story. If threatened, expect the same response as if you were to threaten my child. Shoot shovel and shut up works on both sides of this argument.

  9. I take threats to kill me very seriously.
    A farmer has a right to protect his livestock.
    From attack by wildlife predators and from domestic dogs as his livestock is his livelihood.
    A citizen has a right to protect him self his human family from harm in limited means not abridging other human live rights. Do not threaten to kill people. Dogs are pack animals and poodle to Pyrenees must be in control of an alpha or they are a threat to anything the dog thinks he can take it is the nature of the beast.

  10. Hmmm, many years ago, my father was talking with another farmer when the neighbor said that there was a white dog that had been chasing his sheep and killing them. Where as my dad told the guy if Dad”s white dog was caught chasing and killing his sheep he was to shoot it. Dad said that it was cheaper to replace the dog than it was to pay for dead sheep, just tell Dad what happened. A couple of weeks later the neighbor drove into our yard and told that he had shot our dog. Dad said fine, where was the dog’s body, after seeing the dead dog, Dad let out a holler and a whistle and our white dog came out from under the porch.

  11. My parents lived on 5 acres inside a southeastern US city limits. A pair of Rottweilers kept coming into the yard and threatening them. The police were not overly helpful, but did tell him he could shoot if he was threatened. He finally did and felt bad for the dog because he only wounded it. It got the owner’s attention. First a nasty call from the owner, but the dogs did not return. The stress led to a heart attach for my 83 years old Dad. I had been present with my 80 year old mother during one of these events, as she fended them off with her cane while I unlocked the door to the house, They came right up to the steps leading inside. These were a hunting pair and we were definitely the prey.

  12. If your dog is on your property, no problem. If you are out in public with your dog and it is in your control, and can’t threaten anyone, no problem. If you dog comes on my property, and threatens me, my family, or my pets, it is a dangerous intruder, and will be met with the appropriate response to neutralize the threat.

  13. Hugh is right that we’ve gone a bit astray from what the article is saying but I can’t help but comment on those who insist that their pets are family and will defend them if threatened. With the exception of a few sick-minded people, you never really see an ordinary person threatening a dog. If you do see a person offering harm to a dog it’s probably because the dog was threatening that person or person’s property.

    A terrier put over 100 stitches in my son’s face when he was 2 years old. The owner lost control of the leash. It’s sad, this guy said the same thing everyone else does, “He would never bite anyone,” as I was trying to get in the car to take my son to the ER. Fortunately the owner decided to have the dog put down. I get that you love your pet but you should understand that if your dog is ever harmed or killed by somebody (not talking about police here) it’s probably because you were an irresponsible owner.

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