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Here are JWR‘s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers.  This week the focus is on stainless steel wool. (See the Gear section, near the end of this column.)


The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun by Matt Bracken.  (Recommended by long-time blog reader P.T..) Matt Bracken is a former U.S. Navy SEAL. His thought-provoking novels always include a lot of practical and tactical goodness woven into the storylines. (Matt’s better-known Enemies Foreign and Domestic” novel series is widely read, for good reason!)

The Shoestring Girl: How I Live on Practically Nothing and YOU Can Too

Movies and Television:


Have A Little Faith

Instructional Videos

Painting Your Own Car at Home

AR-308 AR-10 Lower build step by step



Voddie Baucham: The World, the Flesh, and the Devil

Adapting to the Culture…Or Not – Voddie Baucham


Family Life TodayOn Mission in Zambia (Voddie Baucham)

Handpicked Nation: Preserving: Past & Present



Cold Climate Gardening

Garden Rant


Fuller Stainless Steel Wool. This is the genuine article (the type used here at the Rawles Ranch) and far superior in longevity to the competitors.  Because it is stainless steel, it won’t induce rust.  Once a pad is finally deemed “worn out” in the kitchen, save the wool scraps for utility purposes in your shop and for tasks like scrubbing livestock water tanks.

Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed with Window, Skylights, and Shelving, 8 by 10 Feet. A friend owns one of these and he told me that it has proven surprisingly  sturdy and durable.  He lives in snow country and he said that it survived a winter with six feet of snow.

Longtime reader Rob L. recommended this versatile small flashlight as a replacement for the sadly discontinued Gerber Omnivore:  The Streamlight Protac 1L-1AA.  Rob says: “Something just as good or better than the Omnivore has come along.  These can run on one CR-123A Lithium or one AA alkaline. They put out 350 lumens with the CR-123, or 150 lumens with a AA battery. They have a programmable switch. This is my favorite feature. I just want an on/off, not a 3-4 click sequence to turn the darn thing off !) A black nylon belt pouch and batteries are included.”

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  1. Been using S.S.”scrubbies”for 30 years in resturants-they flat out work,and last a long time.No rust like steel wool.
    Sometimes I see reports of trips to the ER from people ingesting metal from wire brushes used to clean the grates of a home BBQ grill.This eliminates that potential.Use it on a cold grate,or hold with tongs for a hot grill.

  2. I have been using an Olight S1 Baton for about 16 months and really like it. It is very small (just large enough to house one CR123) and very powerful (up to 500 lumens). I carry it daily and use it nearly every day. It is a side switch and you do have to double tap it to activate the brightest mode, but that hasn’t been a problem for me. Costs about $40-50 depending on options such as rechargeable, etc.

  3. A single strand of these stainless scrubbies is used as an electric ignitor wire, hooked via a long wire to a 12 v car battery, for launching large hand made bamboo black powder rockets in Thailand; these are shot in competitions with lots of betting. Those who fail are jeered, in a good natured way except for the losers of bets.

  4. About 15 years ago, the Estes model rocket company stopped selling their 10 pk of rocket motor ignitors at our lical Big Bx and only sell them with the motors,3 per pk of motors(also 3 in the pk).
    This limited folks from using them un other ways such as having a pressure plate activate a perimiter intrusion device.
    A stran if the SS wool screbber works quite well but it heats slower so activation of your device is a bit slower.
    Good subject.

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