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Today’s emphasis is on the total solar eclipse that will occur on August 21st, 2017. The path of totality will cross three of the five American Redoubt States, and considerable portions of the other two Redoubt States will experience at least a 75%+ eclipse.


Several cities in Idaho are planning eclipse events. The traffic will probably be insane in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but  just on the other side of the Tetons, Driggs, Idaho should be much more sedate. (And affordable!)

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Weiser, Idaho, has a big festival planned.

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Moonfest Music Festival brings country stars to east Idaho for eclipse weekend

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Liberty Blitzkrieg reports: Idaho Embraces Neofeudalism with Its “Noncompete” Legislation


The path of totality for the eclipse will touch just one tiny corner of Montana. So many Montanans are planning to travel to Wyoming, Oregon, or Idaho, for their viewing.

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Prosecutor seeks judge’s order for congressman’s mug shot

Eastern Oregon

Eclipse could bring chaos to Oregon’s forests and mountains.

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School to rent out dorms: EOU to offer lodging in student dorms for August eclipse visitors

Eastern Washington

The traffic of eclipse travelers flowing through the Tri-Cities and along the Columbia River Gorge to view the event in Eastern Oregon should be considerable.  So plan to go a day early, and beat the rush.  Likewise, consider staying a day after the event to allow the traffic to subside.

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Spokane County: 17-Year-Old Girl Calls Father for Permission Before Taking Gun to Thwart Home Intruder. And here is another article on the same incident, with more details.

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This applies to all of  the State of Washington:  DUI-E Law Now Makes It Illegal to Text, Smoke and Even Eat While Driving. The new law goes into effect on July 23rd, 2017.  JWR’s Comment: How brilliant!  If the legislatures make everything illegal, then they ‘ll create the  opportunity to generate  infinite revenue!


The city of Casper, Wyoming has some big activities planned for the upcoming eclipse.

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Ditto for the Wind River region, albeit on a much smaller scale.

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  1. 1) I very much agree with a ban on texting while driving but then I live in a more crowded suburban area on the East Coast where the danger of that is frequently obvious.
    2) But I would be happy to support the freedom of drivers to text if in exchange I am given the freedom to make their car do a somersault with the PIT maneuver whenever they swerve into my lane without warning or signaling.

    1. If I can collect the fine instead of the corruptocrats let my dashcam start making me some money(cops are the most dangerous drivers on the roads). You can also tell them when they stop 6-8 car lengths behind at a light

  2. This big sting operation took place not long ago where people who were stopped at a red light were observed by undercover cops posing as construction workers. If the person was eating, putting on makeup, looking at their phone, or messing with their GPS they were pulled over and given tickets for distracted driving. An employee of mine said her daughter got a ticket because while stopped at the red light she picked up her phone and checked the time. There went $150 for a time check. It appears that in about a three hour span the city made over $14k in driver fines.

    Georgia Code: 40-6-241.1. Wireless telecommunications device use prohibited
    (d)(1) Any conviction for a violation of the provisions of this Code section shall be punishable by a fine of $150.00.

    Georgia Code: 40-6-241.2. Wireless telecommunications device use prohibited
    (d) Any conviction for a violation of the provisions of this Code section shall be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $150.00.

    Complete GA law info:

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