Letter: Helpful Resources


Thank you for the awesome resources you’ve shared here! I’m very grateful for your work to try to keep your community safe. I’m putting together material for our local workshops on disaster safety, and I feel like I’ve found a kindred spirit by way of your page 🙂

Here are some other pieces I’ve found extremely useful, which you might be interested in as well:

Please do keep up the great work! – S.B.

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  1. This is off-topic, but just five minutes ago, our local news interviewed a family who is voluntarily getting microchips implanted. The reason the father gave was that it gave easy access to get on the computer, enter their building, turn lights off and on when someone leaves or enters a room, banking, etc., I don’t know about anyone else, but – to me – this is a frightening idea, “the mark”, one world government and currency, “Big Brother”. My bank has already told me they are going entirely on-line next year… Maybe because I am old (70), a Christian, a Patriot, but this is so intrusive, no privacy at all.

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