The Editors’ Quote of the Day

“To the avid waterfowler, no moment of truth can match the instant when a flock first responds to his call and decoys, the time when this wild, free bird of unsurpassed grace begins a descent from the sky down to gun range. It is a stirring spectacle.” – Grits Gresham, The Complete Wildfowler, 1973

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  1. This is SO true! I was a “duck guide” (retriever actually) when I got out of High School for a winter. I had never hunted duck before. The first time I saw them call in a flight of ducks and they started to descend to the decoys and our blind, I was enthralled with the spectacle. As the ducks closed in and realized what was really happening they “put on the brakes” and tried to climb again. Just as the exposed their breast to us, the shot guns roared and several fell within feet of our blind. One of the men was 90 years old and was a total “crack shot”. I was cold and wet and had never been so excited in my 18 years.

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