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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods – a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “HJL”. Leading with a couple of articles on “slingshots” today.


One of our SurvivalBlog Writing Contest sponsors, Montie Gear, is having a 25% off sale on Slingshot Accessories. If you haven’t looked at this site, you need to. There are some pretty neat slingshots available on his site. I have a friend who recently found himself having to deal with city restrictions on firearms with no help on dealing with roaming critters. His rural community suddenly decided to incorporate and now his .22 can’t be fired in the city limits. You might be surprised how effective a good slingshot can be in this situation. Use the coupon code “july201799”

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Speaking of slingshots, I find myself spending time on Joerg Sprave’s Sling Shot channel on YouTube lately. This guy weaponizes everything from slingshots, to fidget spinners. Slingshot cannons and Cold Steel’s 2.2 lb Torpedo launchers are the norm. Just for fun, a working Minions “fart gun” is one of his latest projects. Many projects are just for fun, but some are deadly serious. After a couple of hours, you may find yourself saying “…let me show you it’s features…ha ha ha!” in your best German accented English.

Lynch Mobs

Throwing Liberal Progressive’s medicine back at them, during an interview, Stacy Washington pointed out that armed people are harder to lynch. In the interview, she expounded on the helplessness blacks faced when Democrats disarmed them during the Jim Crow era. Despite the main stream medias relentless drivel, the very organizations that they try to attach to conservatives were perpetuated by their own. Thanks to D.B. for the link.

Snowflake Mentality

When a snowflake stands up as says “We need to do something about this!”, what they really mean is “You need to do something about this while I hide behind you!”. In Florida, feral monkeys from Silver Springs State Park have begun to attack visiting families and even ranging off the park premises to steal food from neighboring houses and farms. This destructive invasion of semi-wildlife just shouldn’t be happening. As Reader W.W. says “Just shoot them!”

North of the 49th

A Canadian man was fined $12,000 by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal because he failed to remove his shoes when he entered the apartment he was renting to a Muslim couple. Canada is close on the heels of Europe at this rate. I’m sure there is more to the story than just the face value, but I know that when I enter a customers home, I do not remove my shoes. It’s a safety hazard. We keep Tyvek booties in the trucks to slip over the shoes, but the shoes do not come off. Doesn’t Canada have the equivalent of OSHA? Link sent in by P.S.

Gun Control

In a disturbing trend, the Trump administration is sending ATF agents to Chicago to confiscate “illegal” guns. While the thought of criminals roaming the streets with guns and the Feds helping to clean that up at first seems positive, you have to remember than states (like Illinois) and cities (like Chicago) take the term illegal to a new level. What may be perfectly legal by federal law may be illegal by Illinois or Chicago standards. Are we really going to have federal agents enforcing city and state definitions like this? Thanks to H.L. for the link.

Solar Minimum

Sun might plunge into ‘deep solar minimum’, which could cause part of Earth’s atmosphere to collapse


  1. It should be noted that Joerg Sprave lives in a country with extreme gun control laws, lessons should be learned here by the politicians who want to emulate those laws. People are creative and will find ways around those laws at every opportunity.

  2. Upon arrival in Chicago the ATF had a car loaded with weapons stolen,the car was recovered no word on the weapons. The word is”send more feds they are easy pigeons”.

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