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Several readers sent this: Miami treehouse grandma Shawnee Chasser keeps up fight for home. JWR’s Comments:  This illustrates the essential problem in the very nature of government: 

This is an age when someone must apply for a “license” or a “permit”,  or make themselves subject to a “building code” and “inspections” to live our everyday lives. This is an age of legislated tyranny. In 21st Century America, we have too-willingly abandoned our essential freedom to live our lives unhindered. Most people don’t stop to think that a government-issued license or permit is: “permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal.”  By instituting government and by electing representative with the power to legislate against malum prohibitum  (i.e. declaring some activities or objects legal and other things illegal), we’ve enslaved ourselves. In discerning our government, it is crucial to distinguish between malum in se (which are sinful behaviors that are inherently criminal–like murder, rape, theft, and arson), as opposed to malum prohibitum which are purely legislated and often arbitrary “crimes”. (Such as going 45 m.p.h. in a 40 m.p.h. zone, or owning a shotgun with a 17″ barrel instead of an 18″ barrel.)  It is only when enforcement of the myriad of made-up malum prohibitum laws reaches absurd lengths that the fundamental flaw in the system becomes apparent, even to the sheeple. There are now so many arcane laws on the books that virtually every American is unknowingly a repeated “criminal”, daily. Even worse, Federal agencies such as the EPA, BATFE, and OSHA now create their own administrative “rules” (with criminal penalties), without acts of congress. This must end. It is clear that we now need far less government! We need to return to a government by, for, and of The People.

Pray for Mrs. Chasser, and pray for far less government.

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Zika virus birth deformities:  Why have nearly all of them been in just one part of Brazil?

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Claire Wolfe  alerted us to this troubling article: Private Eyes: The Little-Known Company That Enables Worldwide Mass Surveillance. (Claire’s comment: “There should be a special hell — a very special hell — for so-called private companies that thrive by enabling mass, unlawful government surveillance.”)

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Perhaps a bit gadgety, but here is something for dedicated Glocakaholics to consider: Personal Defense Weapon Kit for Glocks. (This page has a good included explanatory video.)  If Gabe uses them, they must be more than just a gadget.