Notes for Thursday – October 13, 2016

One of my contacts who serves on a General Staff mentioned that the recent news reports about contingency plans for a war with Russia have actually under-reported the intensity of the planning effort. There is now a quite frequent shuttling of general officers around the world, to attend logistical planning meetings. My source mentioned that high level staff meetings have been going on since the Ukraine crisis began in late 2013, but they have recently intensified.

If you are not yet concerned about the possible advent of World War III, then you should be. The recent policy shift toward the U.S. providing lethal aid to the Ukrainian Army (approved by Congress in late 2015, but delayed by the BHO administration and likely start in earnest, after the November election) will surely be seen as provocative by the Russians. And of course with so many proxy armies now in play, events could very easily spin out of control in Syria. Stock up, folks.  And if you still live in a target area (read: in or downwind of a major population center or a military target), then it is high time to relocate.  John Lithgow (as Dr. Emilio Lizardo) said it best: “The clock, she is a-ticking!” – JWR

Today is the birthday of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (born 1925, died 2013.)

This is also the birthday of singer and songwriter Paul Simon. (He was born in 1941.) His Graceland recordings are some of my favorite listening for road trips.