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Reader SDP wrote in to inform us that the number of stored locomotives is much, much higher than we reported before. There are some railroad enthusiasts who track this kind of information, and this is from an April 11th communication:

“Laid Up Power – BNSF has added to the Laid Up Good Order (LUGO) fleet this month. At the end of January, there were 1249 engines in LUGO status. As of April 4th,there are 1457 in LUGO status. This is up 101 more from March 1st when there were 1356 in LUGO status. While part of the fleet is laid up due to BNSF getting 75 new engines already this year, the majority of the problem is the coal and oil trains that are not running on BNSF. Almost all of the other engines in LUGO are there due to coal and oil business being down about 60% as noted above.”

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34% of all Americans financially support the rest of the country – 112 million private sector workers support 211 million people.

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