The Disgruntled Man Epidemic and More Destructive Effects of Feminism, by J

“We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”1 (C.S. Lewis)

Postmodernism willingly allowed for and encouraged the feminist hate we witness spewed nearly everywhere today. There is no censuring the hate, only censuring of objective truth. There is no censuring immorality, only the censuring of natural law.

Building on the topic of my previous submissions (Seven Survival Tips for the Modern Feminist and Seven Survival Tips For the Modern Feminist- Take II), I would like to back track and clarify the dire picture we find ourselves in today (as a culture) thanks to the influences of modern day feminism. In this article, I will outline the seven most destructive effects of feminism today and propose a solution for each, hoping only for one hard-line feminist to read this and ponder the option of courageously walking away from one of the biggest deceptions of our time. I will also offer encouragement to the men out there who are married to feminists.

This topic definitely relates to the survivability of our species, because if we continue down this road of extreme feminism without a serious morality check and the “glass ceiling” is finally shattered for good, we will most likely morph into a cannibalistic Black Widow or Praying-Mantis society, rapidly leaving all reason behind forever.

7 Most Destructive Effects of Feminism

  1. Murder – Abortion
  2. Broken Families – DHS and family court’s gift to mankind
  3. Discouraged and Disgruntled Man Epidemic – Need I say more?
  4. Butchered Anatomy – Breast implants, liposuction, big-pharma miracle pills
  5. Glorified Immorality – Pornography, warped sexuality
  6. Justified Tyranny – Social Justice Warriors
  7. Silenced Populace – Fearful leaders who lack courage, conviction, or morals

Proposed Solutions

  1. Stop Murdering and Hold Those Who Profit From Abortion Accountable

    As mentioned in previous articles on feminism, the most important solution and the most crucial one is to halt the proliferation and business of murdering the unborn. Feminists, especially the hard-core ones, will argue until they are blue in the face that this is only about the rights of women. Hello! What about the rights of the child? Some will go so far as to justify murder, up to the moment of birth, because after all, they say “it” is not a baby until officially separated from the mother. “Murder is okay” they argue, as long as the “fetus” is still in the womb. Once the “fetus” is out of the womb, now that presents a more difficult problem for the feminist. However, no worries, this thing called a baby can still be efficiently “dealt with”. Simply leave the child on the operating table or in a garbage can in a closet to gasp its remaining life force breaths and sometimes even cry out in excruciating pain, dying a slow, sterile, cruel death alone. Voila! Problem solved. I hate sarcasm, but I am learning that some things are better said in a cruel, hard tone rather than a politically correct, respectful tone. Bottom line: the act of systematic murder and, maybe worse, justifying murder is the root of the extreme hatred in our society and should be viewed as pure evil!

  2. Defund DHS and Restore Those Who Have Been Raped By the Court System

    Yes, there are completely worthless parents who intentionally hurt their children, which ends up producing a cycle of self-destruction in the family unit. Yes, these malicious acts need to be brought out into the light and those who hurt others must be held accountable. Yes, there are those who abuse and neglect children. However, that does not mean that we need to assume this about the majority of society. The level of trust between strangers and even neighbors has been decimated in our culture. Everyone is suspicious of everyone. We now live in a country of big people who actually receive a sense of satisfaction when tattle-telling on others. What a sick society this is!

    There exists no sanity in harassing, hunting down, falsely accusing, and crushing the spirit of the innocent in order to maintain a broken-unethical system of profit (which is becoming more apparent in the DHS system). It is common knowledge now that DHS makes a profit on the illegal kidnapping of children from their legal guardians, relocating these traumatized children into often less than safe conditions (foster homes for profit). Basically, there are some who chase the commission not justice and restoration. Statistics show that children placed in foster care are more likely to be abused, raped, or at the very least emotionally damaged ( A child belongs with his parents, and this is good policy. Sometimes the church, family, and friends need to step up, but there is no excuse for the criminal acts going on in this system right now.

    Yes, there is the exception, but the exception should not be the rule. What is most disheartening is the false-accusation case. For example, when a neighbor, grocery store clerk, dentist, or teacher alerts the “authorities” with their “anonymous” tip that someone appears to neglect their child, what happens if the accusation is completely inaccurate? Why is this going on in the first place? For one, society has been offered authoritative parenting advice from the super feminist Janet Napolitano; so, to be good patriotic citizens, people follow her orders. After all, “If you see something, say something!” False accusations, illegal home-visits/raids, and the illegal kidnapping of children can end up utterly destroying a family. No matter what anyone says, a parent never recovers their reputation after a false accusation! Restoration and justice must return to this system.

    There is an agenda here, and it lies with the main objective to break up the family unit. What is most sick about these organizations is that they are actually making a profit off of these children. This is abhorrent!

  3. Repent, Ask For Forgiveness, Change Your Ways, and Move On

    This is concerning the accused feminist and injured party– the disgruntled man. Enough said!

  4. Restore Natural Health

    Although this was mentioned in my previous article, “Stop Taking Pharmaceuticals To Alter Your Mood or Hormones”, it is certainly worth repeating. You are what you eat and ultimately what you medicate yourself with. If you are hooked on SSRIs or other pharmaceuticals to function, consider what life would look like if you decided to get a second opinion from someone who wasn’t in the profit-making business with big pharma. This may end up ultimately saving your life.

  5. Call Evil What It Is

    Stop lying to ourselves and our children. We need to be honest about what is right and wrong before wrong becomes the new right and there is absolutely no acknowledgement that evil exists at all. We should heed the warning about educating our children from C.S. Lewis, in one of his greatest works, The Abolition of Man:

    For every one pupil who needs to be guarded from a weak excess of sensibility there are three who need to be awakened from the slumber of cold vulgarity. The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts. The right defense against false sentiments is to inculcate just sentiments. By starving sensibility of our pupils we only make them easier prey to the propagandist when he comes.2

  6. Restore Natural Law

    Women are beautiful and strong in their own way. Men and women are different, but when a society encourages and applauds a man for taking on the traits of a woman and vice versa, something is deeply wrong in our nature. A man is a man, and he deserves the right to be just that. We are not corporations and should not be treated as such. We are living human beings with souls. We have a Creator. We do not answer to an algorithm and should not, ever! Humans should never be beholden to technology or an ingenious business plan. Humans have unalienable rights that will never be taken away, no matter how much evil is thrown into the system to distort, confuse, and distract those who do not comprehend truth. Eternally, we will never answer to man, because man is fallible and weak. Ultimately, when the system breaks down, man becomes evil. The jurisdiction of God transcends all governments, court systems, or fancy badges. This is about professing an eternal truth that may come at a great cost, even the loss of life. It is, however, the only truth worth standing for. We can “eat and drink and be merry”,3 but in the end we can’t take any of it with us. So, it is more important to look beyond the grave than to trick ourselves into thinking we will never die. No matter how hard you try to stay alive, extend your life, or enhance your fleshly body, you are 100% guaranteed to die. Even if you download your brain into the latest software, thinking your consciousness will live on forever, you still haven’t dealt with the fact that you have a soul. The soul is not completely understood by man, so why gamble with a high-tech company promising everlasting life? Restoring natural law is the only way to restore truth, peace, and goodwill between men. Evil will always exist and people will always die, but natural law and objective truth is an eternal concept, not a chapter in your philosophy 101 book.

  7. Those Who Wield Their Power To Censure and Abuse Will Be Held Accountable

    This is simply a suggestion coming from an average person without a political science degree on how the system might be able to clean house of the hate-filled feminists who refuse to relinquish their power. Lacking a brilliantly gifted mind for strategy and leadership, I am left to speculate and strategize based mainly on the common sense and street smarts I was raised on. So, without any more small talk, this is my “big idea”:

    1. Restore the office of Sherriff to enforce the old law
    2. Send out the warning to those who are guilty of oppression, abuse, and deception:

      Massive notice posted officially on as many information sources as possible (street, newspaper, radio, TV, Internet, government buildings). These are the people in our society who have destroyed families, been promoted, and protected despite breaking the law, participated in murder, deception, and ultimately the manipulation of truth. You know exactly who they are nationally. Moreover, you know who they are in your own community. Those who post the notice can make it as formal as they’d like– legal documents are nice, but if the legal system is a complete joke and the judge you are submitting the notice to will be on the list, perhaps this is not the most efficient approach. This is only the beginning of a process to hold people accountable and bring reason back to our society where a man deals directly with a man, face to face, without the distraction of a corporate system to profit between the two. This is a process to serve the long-overdue–just due directly to those who think they are above the law.

    3. Give the criminals a grace-period:

      “Turn yourselves in to the Sherriff and leave the country permanently within si months or face the law of the land in common law courts where there will be a legitimate jury of your peers.” Providing this option is the merciful thing to do.

    4. Restore leadership via the lowest local election possible county-wide:

      Effective immediately, all government officials are relieved of their position. Start from scratch and fill vacancies in essential community agencies (water and transportation). Of course, this only applies to government employees. An entirely different approach would have to be considered in order to address the hate-filled feminists in private corporations, obviously guilty of cruelty and abuse without accountability.

    5. Enact these changes peacefully, orderly, and mercifully.

      This is the most important one!

Encouragement for Men Married to Feminists

I have mentioned this before as well, and I apologize that I can’t relate to how you must be feeling or how discouraged you may be. To endure such a hardship is no small feat. You need to be commended for maintaining your marriage and for not giving up, despite the difficulty of being married to someone who refuses to acknowledge objective truth. You are not alone! That is a fact. There are thousands, maybe millions, of men right now who are silently (some not so silently) suffering abuse and neglect as a result of feminist hatred. I can only hope and pray that your situation will change soon. Don’t give up, and remember that prayer and perseverance is your most powerful ally in this fight.

“It is the magician’s bargain: give up our soul, get power in return.” 4