Letter Re: Doxycycline and Penicillin


I am interested in obtaining a supply of doxycycline, an antibiotic used to treat Lyme disease. If bugging out on foot ever became a necessity the exposure to ticks and Lyme disease in my part of the country is quite high. Can you make recommendations for purchasing this medication? I found little to guide me in your archives. I have seen it suggested to get veterinary medications; however when I looked at one major website doxycycline and penicillin where listed as the same drug. I believe that’s not accurate. Who am I to trust? – KM

HJL’s Comment: You’re in good shape. One of our Writing Contest winners last year has an excellent article on dealing with antibiotics. “Infectious Disease in the TEOTWAWKI World- Part 1”, “Part 2”, “Part 3”, “Part 4”, “Part 5”, and “Part 6” by Militant Medic. This information, of course, comes with the proviso that as long as the medical system is functioning, you should pursue care and medications through the system and under the supervision of a physician. The methods and information in this article are to inform you of your options when there is no viable alternative. There are serious consequences to over/under using these medications as well as a higher potential for impurities in the medications procured from less than reliable sources or sources intended for other than humans.