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Fed Issues An Ominous Warning To JPMorgan Chase And Leaders Flock To Secret Meetings – Submitted by JFJ

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Sanctions Lifted, Now Iran Wants To Get Paid

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

How of Representatives Files Amicus Brief in Support of Judicial Watch Taxpayer Lawsuit to Prevent DC Government from Illegally Spending Taxpayer Money (Judicial Watch) Excerpt: “Regardless of whether it is sound policy for the District of Columbia to have budget autonomy, [the defendants] cannot ignore the law. Yet, they do.”

Privatizing the US Postal Service (Cato) Excerpt: “…with the rise of electronic communications, mail volume has plunged, and the 600,000-worker USPS has been losing billions of dollars a year.”

Treasury Official Dismisses Bank Fears about Liquidity Crisis (Washington Examiner) Excerpt: “…the rules have hampered big banks’ ability to act as brokers and dealers in the bond market, and that requirements for banks to hold certain amounts of liquid assets means that those same assets won’t be available for sale in a stressed environment when they’re needed.”

International News

A Bunch of Hedge Fund Managers Got Together in a Room and Talked about How Long China Has (Business Insider) Excerpt: “In 12 months there will be a currency crisis of around 15%,” she said. “There will be a banking crisis two years later.”

Funny Numbers Show Money Leaving China (Bloomberg) Excerpt: “… questions linger over exactly how much money is leaving China and why. The true picture may not be as rosy as the headline numbers suggest.”

IMF Members Urge “Growth-Friendly” Spending, New Lending Tools (Reuters) Excerpt: “…calmer markets since February had reduced the stress level at the IMF and World Bank spring meetings here, but the outlook was still fraught with downside risks from weak demand….”

Greece Back in the Firing Line as IMF Reconsiders Bailout Deal (The Independent) Excerpt: “The IMF wants Greece’s European partners to grant Athens substantial debt relief, contrary to Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos and German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, who told Reuters on Tuesday that he saw no need for debt restructuring.”

Personal Economics and Household Finance

41 Foods You Should Make Yourself (Frugal Living) Excerpt: “Want to enjoy fresher foods and a smaller grocery bill? Then, start making more of the foods that you eat. Many of the recipes that follow take just minutes to make.

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