Readers’ Recommendations of the Week:

SurvivalBlog reader T.D. writes in: “My family and I love watching the Hallmark Channel show, When Calls The Heart. It’s full of cheesy humor, Christian themes, and a fantastic old-time feel. Some may think it campy, but our whole family loves the show, and I’d imagine that many of your readers would enjoy it, as well.”

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Faith-based movies recommended by DMS: Moondance Alexander, A Matter of Faith (evolution vs creationism), 90 Minutes in Heaven (true story), Alone Yet Not Alone (true story). Expecting a Miracle (hard to remember in these times. People south of our border have faith, love, and God too).

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Reader C.C. states: Andrew J. Bacevich was, until his recent retirement, a history professor at Boston College. But he was more than an ivory tower history professor. He graduated from West Point (USMA) and later Princeton with a Ph.D. in International Studies. …Oh yea, after 23 years he also retired as a colonel from the US Army prior to his Boston College gig. One very smart guy.

He is well published (check Amazon for his other books) and brings an amazing insight to his historical writing(s) and analysis. Bacevich’s observations on U.S. “militarism” are unparalleled.

His most recent book was published on April 5th, 2016.