Crises Preparation- Part 1, by B1

Editors Note: B1 has generously submitted a letter that he sent to his family and loved ones with suggestions for the coming crises.

It is impossible to fully plan for the unknown. There is so much information to cover and so many variables and possibilities, that there is no way I can cover them all. For this same reason, this letter may also jump around a bit. Upon many requests and questions I have received over the past several years, and more so in the past couple months, I am writing this letter for your reference. I hope this will help you organize and plan what you need to do for yourself and your family to be prepared in a crisis.

Personally, I believe something bad is coming to America and that it will devastate the way we are accustomed to living. My belief is based on Biblical knowledge and study, as well as worldly knowledge, study, and research. I believe it will be a total economic crash, and I believe it can happen as early as the middle of September 2015. I know there are many who do not believe this way, and that is fine. Even if it does not happen and life goes on as usual, does it hurt to be ready for an emergency crisis? Disasters come in many forms– natural (tornadoes, floods, hurricanes), terrorism, and economics.

There is no way I can go into step-by-step detail as to what you should do to be prepared. Everyone has individual needs, budgets, et cetera. This letter will hopefully be enough information for you to develop your own plan. I will base everything off the worst case scenario I can think of, so you can be better prepared for a smaller crisis.

The Priority

First, and of utmost importance, to survive any crisis you need God. If you are not a Christian and do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, all your preparation will be like the man who built his house on the sand; it will not last, and you will have a very hard time surviving the crisis, not to mention hell and damnation, which would be a lot worse than any crisis you face on earth. If, as a Christian, you are not prepared, your struggles will hinder your ability to minister and help others. I have Christian friends who choose to believe God will provide for their needs and have chosen not to prepare. My response to them is: “There is no doubt in my mind that God will provide for our needs. However, we should remember that God did not build the ark for Noah. Instead, He provided the tools and trees and means for Noah to build the ark.”

I was reminded of a joke my brother-in-law, Mark, told me a few days ago. A man was on his house roof in a flooded area; the flood waters were rising. A rescue boat came by, and someone on the boat asked him to jump in because they were there to evacuate him. The man stated, “God will take care of me, and I am staying put waiting on Him.” A few hours later, a second boat came by to rescue him. However, the man’s answer was the same. The flood waters continued to rise. When the waters were touching the man’s feet as he sat on the peak of the roof, a helicopter came by and offered to save the man. Again, he declined their help and claimed God would save him. When the flood waters rose so high the man began to drown, he cried out to God and asked, “Where were you when I needed you?” God replied “I sent two boats and a helicopter to save you. Why didn’t you accept my help?”

For many of you, this letter may be God’s way of providing you with help and provision. If you are not a Christian, this would be a good time for you to evaluate your life and make a decision for Christ. I urge you to repent of your sins and let Christ into your heart and life now. Let Him become your Lord. Either way, I urge you to share this letter and message with your family and friends before it is too late.

You are probably wondering what kind of crisis we are facing and how bad can it get? The worst case scenario is a total economic crash in which the American currency no longer exists. Close your eyes and imagine what this means. Envision, in your mind, the total collapse of everything we know. Banks close without warning; ATM’s and credit cards will no longer work, and all the money in your account is gone. America’s infrastructure is gone. Imagine there is no fire and rescue, no police/law enforcement, no electricity, no water (even on a well, because there is no electricity to pump the water), no gas for heat, and no ability to go to the store to buy what we need. Think about how bad it was for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Now, imagine that same crisis on a national scale. There would be total chaos and lawlessness. Every home in America will be effected. America’s electric grid is based on 1980’s technology. Like most companies, it has been poorly maintained. Since the 80’s, America’s population has dramatically increased, and we require more electricity. If the grid fails, it would take a long time to repair it. If the economy crashes, there will be no money to pay our civil workers (police and fire departents) and no money to keep the utilities (natural gas, electricity, even gasoline) running. We will be faced with hyperinflation, and the only money available is what we have on our person. Without power and without any social structure, crime would increase to 100% over night. If this happens in September, we would be facing the winter season without heat. A crisis like this could last months, even years. Are you prepared?

Why would a national crisis be so bad right now? Americans have become spoiled and dependent on our government to provide us with what we need. For reasons I previously stated, this could be worse than the Great Depression. I say this, because back then people were still somewhat self-reliant. They could grow gardens, live off the land, and live simple lives. The Amish are the best modern example I can think of as to how we need to become in order to survive.

So, now that we know the worst case scenario, let’s work on some kind of plan for our families and friends. You need to have as much cash on hand as you can afford, in small bills for easy trading. Money will work for a short time during an economic crash, because a great number of Americans believe our government will fix everything and provide us with what we need. Keep in mind, the government does not care about you as an individual. At this very moment they are stockpiling emergency food supplies, body bags, ammunition, guns, et cetera. Why would the government start stockpiling these items in such large quantities? Because they know something bad is coming. All the information about the government mentioned in this letter can be found on the Internet. Eventually your money will be worthless, and that is why stockpiling some items is necessary.

If something happens this fall, you will need to plan for a winter survival. I suggest at least si months’ worth of supplies for you and your immediate (or even extended) household. You should sit down with your family to discuss the possible crisis and decide what everyone’s responsibility will be. There will be no room for moochers or freeloaders, and they will come. As a reference point, I will use September 13th as the deadline for your preparations to be completed. I am not saying anything will happen on this date. However, in order to make an effective plan you need a deadline to work from.

From this point in the letter, all preparation plans are based on the DL (deadline). This may require a great deal of sacrifice on your budget and life. Best case scenario: If nothing happens, whatever you have bought or prepared for now will be less that you have to spend at the store later. You will be prepared for any other possible crisis, and you will have a peace of mind that you and your family are safe.


Your vehicles need to be up to date on service, including oil, tune up, brakes, tires, et cetera. From this point forward, you should not let your gas tank get below half full. You may also want to have gasoline on hand in containers that would be easily portable in case you needed to leave. Non-ethanol gas has a longer shelf life than the regular gas you purchase, and it is good for containers. Put some form of fuel stabilizer in it to keep it fresh longer. (Yes, gas can go bad.) Keep the necessary tools on hand to fix things on your car and maybe even a repair manual for if something does go bad on your vehicle. When you park your vehicle, make it inoperable so it can’t be stolen. A simple kill switch hidden in the dash connected to the starter will do this. If someone other than you or a family member tries to take the vehicle, it won’t start and they won’t know to look for a kill switch. Keep your vehicle parked close to the house for security and a quick getaway if needed.