No Way!- Part 2, by J.P.


Okay, so you stopped and listened and also made a plan and the necessary preparations. Good for you. But the job is not done, sorry to say. More bad news to shoot your fear factor to the moon. With panic all around you, people will not be acting nicely. They will be reacting in a mode of self-preservation for themselves and their families. “Nice” has just flew out the door. You have seen the news reports of historical disasters, where the people are screaming in the streets begging for help because they are not prepared. This power outage will be way worse! However, you are prepared. That is one secret you must keep to yourself. If word gets out that you have stuff, you’re in deep trouble.

Security, next to water, is crucial to your survival. Water is the first priority, as you can’t live without it. Security is the second priority. With no security, there’s no chance of coming through this mess alive. Security is a very big aspect of the American fabric of life. Security is everywhere. Those normal security measures will no longer protect you. Well, the dog will still bark, but that’s about it. There will be no phones to call for help. The doors are still locked but can be easily smashed in. I warned you that it was going to get worse. I can put it all on a silver platter, or I can tell you the truth. Truth will save your life (or give you the best chance of surviving), if you listen. Maybe you prefer to remain a “No Way”. I hope not.

Guns protect us from those who do not abide by the laws of the land. If someone is busting into your home, uninvited, it may well be a gun that saves your life. It is very sad times that people are not listening, not preparing, and are not ready for a disastrous event, such as a national power outage. There are people who are prepared. They know what they have to do, no matter how unpleasant it is. Other people choose to ignore the warnings to be prepared. And now, in bad times, those same people expect “the prepared ones” to give them their stuff. And if they won’t give it to them, in their panic, they will just take it. The negligent are not entitled to your stuff any more than, as today, are the bad guys breaking into your home, entitled to steal and kill.

Guns have always been the plan; you are just a late comer. However, you have to get on board if you want to be a freedom fighter for America. Without you, she is a gonner. It takes the literal “Boots on the Ground” to defend our country from the evil that is trying to overtake her. Put on some courage, and move forward with your security plan. If you don’t prepare, you are saying you like the weak, negligent state of our country, and you have no desire to change that. Good luck. History is against your plan of no plan.

When the power goes out, if you do not have a security plan to include guns, your chances for survival are limited by the ones who do have guns and want your stuff. Guts my friend, it takes guts. You will need an array of weapons. You don’t just have one tool in the kitchen or garage. It takes multiple tools to contend with multiple scenarios. Depending on how much money you have, that will determine the extent of your weoponary. Do the best that you can, and over time your security plan can build. Start with a handgun and work up from there. A handgun is very portable and can be concealed when required. Above all, make sure you know the gun laws of your state and abide by them. If you use your gun in an unlawful manner, you will suffer the consequences.

Okay. We got that settled. I have scared you pretty well now. No, because you already decided to be of good courage and are going to be a fighter and not a victimized wimp. Hey, it’s hard doing the right thing. It’s easy to do nothing. I am proud of you for getting this far in this article. Yet, reading is one thing; doing is another. Today is the “Day Before”, as you see on TV all the time. If you read this and do nothing, you will be kicking yourself eternally. You will find yourself in tomorrow with no plan. You have to imagine yourself in the “bad times” and examine how you would feel. Your family will say, “Why didn’t you do something to protect us?”. You are going to make a plan, and your family is going to be very thankful that you had the courage to stop, look, and listen. You are already an American hero or heroine, a person of action and purpose, and not a bystander.

Here are some simple rules to assist your security decision-making:

Rule #1 – Do not attract attention to yourself. You want to be invisible and quiet, especially at night. In the daytime, be quiet and stealthy. Obviously a night fire is not a good idea. A billowing cooking fire in the daytime says come on down. Your plan has to contend with this scenario. Plan how to cook stealthily, and plan how to see without being seen at night. Invest in Night Vision Goggles (NVG); they are a must. Invest in Infra-Red flashlights to use with the NVG’s. You will be able to see intruders and they won’t be able to see you. Invest in propane, clean smokeless cooking. You are essentially a small, military recon unit that must evade the enemy (the takers) at all cost.

RULE #2 – Do not shoot anyone, if at all possible to avoid. Once you shoot someone, you will attract great attention to yourselves and be in grave danger of attack. The someone you shoot is someone’s loved one. They are trying to survive as well. Intruders will force you to shoot them, because they will be so desperate. You must establish methods of discouraging people to intrude your boundaries. You may choose to reveal a huge “Display of Force”– one that will convince them to go away and not come back. Guns are the only means of making that display work. In any case, no compromise can be made that will jeopardize your family’s safety. Shooting is an absolute last resort but not a “never”. Keep in mind the bad guys do not have rules of engagement to follow. Trust no one! Last resort, shoot or be shot.

RULE #3 – Do not get shot, if at all possible. Once you or a family member is shot, odds are not in your favor of a recovery, depending on the location of the wound. You have a trauma kit and can stop the bleeding. You do not have surgical skills. To avoid being shot, position yourself in a stealthy manner. Hide behind things, when possible. Do not be caught standing out in the open waiting for a sniper hit. Keep moving; a moving target is hard to hit. Use the tactic of firing your weapon and moving immediately. Your weapon blast and sound gives away your position. Pre-position hiding spots around your abode. Also, arrange your property so there is only one way in and out. It’s called the funnel effect. Only a small target area requires defending. Also, remember, your house is like “screen doors in a submarine” when it comes to bullets. They go through walls like tissue paper. A house wall is zero protection.

RULE #4 – Befriend your neighbors ahead of time. They can be your defense team or your foe. A team of neighbors is a great defense to farther-out predators. Choose friends wisely.

RULE #5 – Scam-proof your brain. When people are desperate, truth goes out the door as well. People will approach you with great stories of need of help. Do not let anyone in your perimeter, no one! Have compassion on them and send them on their way. You cannot help them. A naïve sucker will be overtaken immediately by these scams. You are responsible for your family. There may be an extenuating circumstance but that’s unlikely. There are no second chances in bad times. You are your own fire department, police department and hospital. There is no one to call for help.

RULE #6 – Death-proof your brain. Many people are going to die. Unprepared people are going to run out of water, food, and medicine. Some are going to be overrun by looters and killed. Death will be all around you. You must be mentally prepared for this. If you give your stuff away, you will soon be dead as well. You were warned, and you responded. They were warned, and they chose not to respond. It was their responsibility to protect their families, and they neglected that. You must be ready to deal with this.

RULE #7 – It will get better. No matter the storm, the sun always comes out afterward. How long will that be, who knows. It could be months or years. The reason it will get better is because you stuck it out. You were not a quitter. Fear did not overtake you. There are many many other “Yes Way/I Can” people who will survive. Therein lies the new beginning. Faith, Hope, and Love will prevail, not evil.

RULE #8 – Your Home Defense. In the very early weeks of a power outage, people will be crazy. If you decide to protect from inside the home, you may become sitting ducks, waiting to be picked off. Inside, you have no idea what is going on outside. Outside, you know all that is going on. With NVG’s, you can see all that is going on at night, which is a most likely time for an attack. Give serious consideration to protecting your home from outside during the first three weeks or so. The takers will think you are inside asleep.

So, my friends, get with it, get your plan moving. Time is wasting. Today is the day before. Don’t be caught with your pants down. Be ready, be brave! That’s the American Spirit! God be with you.