Letter Re: Constitutional Carry


I’d like to make a comment regarding “Constitutional Carry” laws that are in the works around the country. We had one here in Maine pass last year. Ours has conditions mandating the disclosure of carrying should you encounter a police officer. The premise of creating a state law (with conditions, infringements, etc) in order to enforce a Constitutional law is unconstitutional. This is usurping the Constitution at the state level. Even worse, the “Constitutional Carry” law is just another typical state law that can be repealed by any future legislature. I would encourage anyone in any state that is in the process of creating such a law, or contemplating it, to contact their legislators and hammer into their heads that any existing concealed carry permitting process requirements are unconstitutional and that the judicial branch of the state should abolish any such permitting process and associated state laws administratively through the court due to those processes and laws being illegal. Furthermore, the court should issue a statement declaring that the state shall honor the 2nd Amendment from hence forward. It’s truly the only way we can guarantee our constitutional right to carry concealed or otherwise…. well… other than just ignoring any permitting process altogether… but we’ll at least try to play along with the “justice” system. -P.B. in ME