Letter Re: Making a Last Run


I just wanted to add a tidbit to the article of making a last run when the SHTF by GMJ. Though this was a well written and well thought-out article and most obvious a great tool for the newbie to the art of survival, for me and my family we will not be in need of one last run. Because of all of us being a great student of this business we have benefited greatly from the steps outlined by our fellow survivalists. So for the new comer to this important scene of preparedness, you might want to pay attention. As building a deep larder (out ten years), deep medical supply (out indefinitely), deep chest of tools and defense ministry (shop tools for all types of repairs, firearms, ammo, knives, et cetera), precious metals/silver coins, and most importantly a stock pile of necessities for extended family members/bartering/charity/and just plain stock, there should be no need for anyone to make a last run. Even if my family made one last run to the store, we could only push two carts stocked to overflowing, and that would be just about 2–4 weeks of food/accessories/supplies. Add 2–4 weeks of supplies to an already ten-year larder, coupled with the danger of panicked and armed people, and it is just not feasible for our family. However, I believe this is a great article to demonstrate what a last run would entail and why you and your family wouldn’t want to be in that situation. God bless! – J.H.