Two Letters Re: Bug Out Boats


I don’t know if this is the kind of information you like to pass along. A coworker was planning to live on a sailboat. My brother had lived on a sailboat for a year, so I asked him for suggestions. His advice to help prepare you for the experience:

  1. Buy a good shredder and set it up beside your basement entrance.
  2. On Friday, shred your paycheck on your way into the basement.
  3. Huddle in a cramped corner, preferably under a leaky pipe.
  4. Don’t come out until the end of the weekend. – S.R.

o o o


I have not seen a topic that has generated so many positive comments as this one on this site for a while. A few years ago this was discussed here and I wrote in about my plans for a bugout retreat. My preference was a small lake island inland or a small offshore island which could be defended by a few people for a short period of time during a reset crunch period. The reasoning was in part a group of people trying to get at you would need some type of craft to get to your location, and the odds are in the defender’s favor big time against any group on land versus a group in a moving sinkable platform. A few people on a habitable island with some resources, having a built-in body of water for a “moat” and with a few defenders and maybe some guard dogs, would be a tough nut to crack. The boat was a means for transportation and not a retreat in itself. My choice for a boat was a tritoon (3 tube) pontoon boat (not a twin tube), which has the load capacity and only requires only about 6″ of water under the “tubes”. I have used a 24′ tritoon off shore in the gulf, and on inland lakes up North and out West. With a 150 hp outboard they skate on the top of the water (able to outrun even some speed boats) and are very stable even in fairly rough water. Remember, a boat is another “means to an end” to be considered in order to put a barrier between you and the golden horde, most of which are not going to be able to even get to “that island” out there in the water. If you are increasing your chances, you are increasing your odds of survival. I agree with most of the submittals on the subject as each area and circumstance dictates different requirements. This is mine for trying to go where most will not be able to reach you. God bless this country and our people. – J.M.