Letter Re: Hickok45

Google is a publicly traded company, acting in their own interests. Perhaps it is time to remind folks that there are alternatives to their search engine and e-mail service that are more respectful to your privacy:

  • Startpage.com for searches.
  • Startmail.com for e-mail.

For video content providers, consider running your own website and only mirror select videos onto social media, thereby minimizing your losses if and when they do decide to exercise their vast arbitrary powers. This is the strategy employed by other popular channels, such as the Corbett Report. –ER

Update: It appears that Hickock45’s channel is back up today. It may be a concerted effort by a few users to “report” him thus shutting the channel down, but at the least, it shows that left leaning Google is not your friend and many other Vloggers are scrambling for alternatives because they understand they may be at risk over someone else’s whim as well.