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Computers as judge, jury, and executioner – The risks — and benefits — of letting algorithms judge us. We aren’t to be judged, so we are algorithmed. – T.Z.

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Doctors Urge California Residents “Leave Now…While You Can” As Gas Leak Fears Grow – Interestingly enough, I have some contacts in Texas that are telling me that this leak is small potatoes. There are apparently oil fields that have long had unstoppable leaks much larger than the one in California.

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Denver Science Museum Reverses Course on Concealed Carry – T.P.
“The new policy quietly went into effect last December, in time for the holiday season. The museum’s board of trustees decided to reexamine their concealed-carry ban after the November attacks in Paris, and the following San Bernardino shootings cemented their change of position.”

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Hickok45’s YouTube Account Terminated by Google – T.J.
Update: The account was terminated on 1/6/16 and was reinstated later in the day. Today, it shows terminated again. Either Google is being psychotic in their application of policies or there is a concerted effort by YouTubers to report the channel. A measured response by those who support the family friendly gun channel might be to refuse to purchase YouTube Red and ensure that AdBlock is turned on when you visit YouTube until they correct their error.

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Finnish Government Condemns ‘Extremist’ Anti-Migrant Street Patrols – In Europe, there is a fundamental problem in understanding even the natural rights of humans to defend one’s self. I am most concerned [dismayed] with the highlighted phrase of Minister Orpo, “Volunteers have no right to use force.” Contrast that ‘official’s governmental statement’ with this from a participant: “Attacking is not part of our principles, only defense. And everyone has the right to defend themselves if we are attacked. We defend ourselves and call the police…” – D.S.

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