The Grid Will Never Be Down in the Way You May Think! – Part 2, by X-liberal


Imagine eating lunch inside your employer’s break room and reading lovely gestures on the bulletin board, such as “We are an equal opportunity employer. We don’t discriminate over race, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, etc.” The liberal leadership stands next to the bulletin board, illustrating to the world that they would never discriminate in hiring practices, no way, no how! Then these same enlightened liberals enact a diversity program whereby they hire solely based on one’s skin color, gender, or sexual orientation, thereby ignoring the law they just stood behind! That means these “chosen few” (in the diversity) have access to the grid and the ability to buy and sell on it in a more longevity manor than those not considered in the diversity.

Wage Discrimination

This is going even further folks. Have anyone of you had a complete year of income, lately? Do you work a full year anymore, with full benefits, full retirement contributions, and on a full 2040 hours of annual work? I know that my accounting contracts have not been renewed and have been cut short, downsized, and expunged only to bring in some diversity of which I am not included. (It’s my opinion that this is because I’m a white, heterosexual male.)

Age Discrimination

Also, workplace age has become a factor. I know in my industry these accounting firms want the young twenty something[s] so they can send them out to their paying clients. The workforces are younger, more attractive, more pliable to leadership, and also paid less with less experience. So age discrimination is another factor quelling your purchasing power on the grid. In my father’s generation, men worked for the same company until they retired and bestowed their wives their pension when they passed on. It was simpler then.

Citizen Discrimination

In addition, the tech and medical industries where I have worked are almost exclusively H1B Visa positions, meaning that if you are from a foreign country you have that high-paying job. This is another form of discrimination holding you back from purchasing power of goods and services through the grid.

Political Correctness

Another one is political correctness. I have seen men stripped of their badges and their server access shut off and then their person removed from the premises physically by security due to offenses that someone claims on them, simply because something was reported to the Human Resources department. It is sad. Usually these men hold a family income and benefits package providing for a stay-at-home spouse and children. Often, the females reporting their offenses, with their equality of income and equality of job title, do not support a stay-at-home husband and children. It is very sad what is going on in our workplaces today. If you are not politically correct, you are not allowed a full capacity onto the grid.

Government Chocking

How about governmental agencies, such as the IRS or your unreasonable home owners association? We have seen grievous atrocities go unpunished, even after Congressional hearings, about targeting Conservatives for auditing and denial of non-profit status in the IRS. As a CPA, only under Obama, if you show the signed canceled check that cleared the bank from your church donation, the IRS says they still dispute it and you owe fines, penalties, and taxes on that non-considered tax deduction donation. This reduces your family income and also your capacity of survival off the grid.

The Pattern

Are we seeing a pattern here, folks?

Are we seeing that the grid is slowly being turned off for Conservatives and Christians? Are we seeing the connection folks? That connection is that we will all soon loose due to Liberals being in charge, writing laws, marking new groups as “special privileged” groups, and they’ll color it up as professing tolerance. They even exclaim to “coexist” but then sue everything Christian out of the public arena under their artillery piece “The Separation of Church from State.” So much for tolerance and this non-tolerance at work, in government, in the public schools, and yes, soon it will be in the hospitals, as life-giving surgeries will be targeted toward the “non-chosen” few.

The grid is up folks. It is healthy. It’s alive. However, it is slowly diming for a majority of us. When the grid was built and run by Conservatives, it was accessed by everyone, indiscriminately. Now it is run by Liberal Democrats, and sadly, discrimination is the key to its access.

Gun Rights

I want to stress one thing right here and that is Gun Rights

Where we are going next, folks, is that everyone must pass a mental health screening to own a firearm. That sounds good, right? Wrong! Imagine the bar of inadequate mental health now being anyone that is labeled a “hater”– a Christian, a God-fearing Christian. They’ll claim you are mentally ill and call you a “hater of homosexual marriages, abortions, feminism, birth control for teen girls, single momhood paid for with tax-payer monies, global warming deniers, green movement ‘haters’, and Agenda twenty-one hinderers. You haters. You intolerant!” Get the picture?

We are not far away from this. All of you must understand that I believe this is the last generation of Americans allowed to own a firearm as a private citizen. Five years out, I believe firearms will be totally banned. You need to stock up now, for you and for your generations of family members. Another tip, you must not purchase an extra box of ammo here and there, as I read from this blog periodically. No! Get to a gun show and purchase thousands of rounds per firearm. Pay cash, anonymously traced! I have a friend who owns a dozen assault rifles. They’re for his “just in case scenario,” as he calls it, for bartering, and to prepare others that come to the game late, unarmed. If you need to sell your wares, then do it. Guns and ammunition will be soon worth more than you can image. Remember the law of supply and demand, where the demand is high and supply is low, the price increases substantially. Take my head on this one!

Also, move to where there is strength in numbers, because when “they” come for your firearms, you will be able to do something. My family has just purchased a log home package and we plan on building in the spring months up in the American Redoubt. No, we are not rich. We just used all of our savings and cashed in stock. Why? Because there is strength in numbers! In addition, my family has written out on a sheet of paper the entire Second Amendment and the grievous atrocities that if they occur we will take action. Know your boundaries folks. For example, it’s safe to say that if the government starts gassing a certain religious sect, like certain governments of the past (Nazis), that would be a boundary crossed that we could not tolerate.

It is even worse. We are loosing this country’s bandwidth so fast by placing human beings subject to the environment, which takes precedent over protecting America’s borders, currency, quality of education, family, affordable housing, job security, human health, the free enterprise system, ingenuity, space exploration, military might, and the list goes on and on. God has placed man to have dominion over the animals and nature. God didn’t orchestrate the Liberal mantra that nature has dominion over man and that man must submit to “Mother Nature” or else there is no “grid” for him or her. There will be trillion dollar blocks of money exchanging hands in the near future for their Environmental Movement. First, it was conservation, taking land without paying for it, in the name of saving “something”. Then it was reducing our Founding Fathers purchase of the Seward’s Ice Box (Alaska) and the Louisiana Purchase of money for land (legitimate taking of land) as imperialism. Next, it is a free grab for all the Earth’s resources, including food and water, in the name of environmentalism. Look at the People’s Republic of California not allowing their farmers water and not allowing farmers to build vats on their land to store water. Liberals!

You might as well say that the grid is down for Conservatives, Christians, and even a sleight of hand move by Liberals to include all Republican, Libertarian, and Independent voting pools. The grid is going to be down to all types of individuals that do not take that Mark of the Beast (those who refuse to become Liberal). I believe God is moving swiftly and rapidly to get us all to safety, inside His Ark, so to speak. Our family continues to pray for each of you in the upcoming year. Let’s face it, if we have another Democrat in the Oval Office come November, our chances to continue onto the grid will be significantly demurred.

We hope you stay blessed and are able to live “off the grid”. When we, the chosen few by God, are all off the grid, then we don’t care that the grid is soon to be banned for Conservatives!

Thanks be to God our Lord and Savior. Thank you JWR. Thank you all, survivalists.

God bless and may God bless the American Redoubt– Lord willing, our new home, and our new country.