Letter Re: Captain America Is Coming For You!, by N.E.


In his letter, N.E. refers to the fictional “Sons of the Serpents” from Marvel comics as right wing conservatives and puts the term “evil” in quotes as though they are not actually evil. They are clearly written in the comics as white supremacists. Let’s not help the Left blur that line any further. – Z.A.

HJL Responds: Another SurvivalBlog reader sent in a link that actually responds to this statement rather well. While Marvel indoctrinates our children by linking conservatives to hate groups, this article asks some hard hitting questions like these:

  • Where are Captain America’s missions with Joint Special Operations Command?
  • Why isn’t he working with Ranger-run task forces to take down individuals in the Haqqani Network?
  • Why have we never seen Captain America in Kandahar province, Afghanistan?
  • Why have we never seen Cap on a mission in the Sulaiman Mountains?
  • Why have we never seen Steve Rogers perform a HAHO (high-altitude, high-opening) jump into Abbotttabad, Pakistan?

When you produce products targeted for our children, you carry a moral obligation to use that influence for the betterment of society. Regardless of your opinion of war, how does picturing Captain America riding on a float in a Gay Pride Parade inspire moral and ethical behavior in line with God’s commandments?

Interestingly enough, the linked article contains a cross link to Captain America exists — and his name is Kyle Carpenter Now that is an inspiring story! There’s a young man who puts the lives of others before his own. That man is a hero in any sense of the word!