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Is OPEC Losing Influence? If one thing from the OPEC meeting becomes clear, it is that OPEC’s respect for a production ceiling does not exist anymore, the question rises whether OPEC is still able to regulate prices at all

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

U.S. News

How Much Does a Boeing 747 Cost? (24/7 WallSt) Notes: An interesting read and a little insight into both the increasing cost of commercial aircraft over time and aviation economics.

Non-Borrower Backed Mortgages? (Zero Hedge) Commentary: Taking into consideration the post-crash mortgage mind-set (and call for larger down payments and stricter lender guidelines), this is a strange turn indeed.

Congress Contemplating Massive Deficit Finance (Washington Examiner) Commentary: It’s curious that creating an environment of greater certainty (and stability) for taxpayers with respect to tax cuts is referred to as a “cost” to government. Perhaps the conversation should be recast such that government spending is referred to as a cost to taxpayers.

Barclays Plans Several Thousand More Job Cuts (Bloomberg)

Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee Tuna Abandon Merger Plans (CNS News) Notes: Assistant AG says further consolidation of the market would further reduce competition. This is an interesting development given the number of recent proposals for corporate mergers and acquisitions. Readers interested in this area of economic study might want to seek out more information on the subject of anti-trust economics.

International News

Greek Parliament Approves Austere Budget for 2016 (Reuters)

Venezuela is Spiraling Further Into Crisis Ahead of Elections: Economy May Contract 10% in the Coming Year (Washington Free Beacon) Commentary: Venezuela is confronting very difficult (even devastating) economic and political conditions with significant potential for adverse geo-political consequences.

Personal Economics and Household Finance

Grocery Stores Have Deployed Spy Tech to Get You to Spend More (Business Insider)

12 Ways to Save Money During the Holidays (The Daily Clutch)

6 Things that Help Me Stop Worrying about Money — Almost (Clark Howard) Suggestions: From a debt-free lifestyle and modest tastes to a financial plan with a shock absorber and more, these suggestions are well worth considering as we move through the holiday season and into the New Year.