Economics and Investing:

Wow! What the Rite Aid deal means for Walgreens and the future of retail healthcare Walgreens acquiring Rite-Aid means that they will now control 41% of the pharmacy market. CVS already controls 58% of the market. How is that good for health care? Sent in by RBS

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Items from The Economics Team:

Our Debt Continues to Increase: The Boehner-Obama Deal (CNS News)

Time to Use Threats of Default and Shut-Down to Reduce Spending (My Way)

Weak U.S. Business Spending Plans Signal Slower Economic Times Coming (Reuters)

The Bull Run in Stocks is Perilous (Market Watch)

Orders for U.S. Durable Goods Fizzle (Market Watch)

The U.S. Service Economy Tumbles: October Slow Down Likely to Influence Central Bank Decisions on Rates (Zero Hedge)

Healthcare Co-ops Closing: The Bad News Keeps Coming, Consumer Coverage Choices Narrow (New York Times)

The Retirement Crisis is Real: Are Mandatory Regulated Accounts Really the Solution? (Huff Post Money) Comment: Seriously? Our solution is surely not to institute mandatory, regulated accounts trusting that the financial resources we will need at our most vulnerable time in life will be available through the same banks guilty of everything from negligence to criminal acts. Be aware of the direction of this conversation and commentary, and beware.

6 Clever Ways to Save Money on Utilities (Tesco Living)