Letter Re: Rawles Voyager Knife

Mr. Rawles,

I thought I would write a quick thank you to all of you over at SurvivalBlog.com. After reading the reviews and letters concerning the knife, I decided to purchase it. So I went over to the coldsteel.com website and had it in my basket ready to check out and pay for it, but a little nagging thought wouldn’t leave. “I didn’t see if there was another reputable place I could get it.” So, I went back to the review and noticed a link to LTSpecPro, so I clicked and low and behold the knife was $30 less. I was pleasantly surprised. The knife arrived today and boy was I impressed!! First is the size; I didn’t expect it to be quite so big in my hands. Next was the fit and finish, and lastly was how incredibly accurate Pat Cascio’s review was/is. My last thoughts on this is maybe to stress how sharp it is. I was holding it in my right hand, hit the unlock lever with my thumb and the blade swung down. Well, it swung a little farther than I was expecting, and now I have a nice little slice on the top of my ring finger. It’s not bad or anything, but from such little pressure how it could cut. Amazing. If I had the money, I would want to buy another one to either use or to put away in the box in a safe place.

I wish you all the best to you and yours! – Andrew from SW WA (yeah yeah, I know; I’m trying to get back to my birthplace– ID)