Letter Re: Traditional Hand Tools

Dear Editor:

Here are some observations on non-power tools: Get lots of can openers because they all fail. Older US-made ones from yard sales will last longer. Also stock US-made government issue “P38” openers as backups because they always they always work. Egg beaters and hand drills with an idler gear on the back side are more durable, not just from the support but because they are better quality to begin with. Antique shops are high $ place to shop for hand tools, estate sales are best, next generation often has no clue about grandpa’s “junk”. I found a quality hand drill missing the back cap (where drills were stored) tossed on a workbench with junk, no price, bought for 25 cent offer, pressed a PVC cap on it. Yankee screwdrivers can still be bought new and are worth their weight in gold if you have to build or repair something with that large stock of drywall screws you wisely stocked. Without a power driver you will quickly figure out why grandpa drilled a pilot hole. As with all preps, start using non-power tools so you’re familiar with operation.

I’d also like to share some thoughts on strenuous outdoor work when water is precious: Be sure to stock talcum powder, no-rinse washes, Lubriderm (or generic) hand lotion, and lip balm. Regards, – Susan R.