Letter Re: Occupying Your Community- Part 2, by B.S.C.


As a comment to the article titled Occupying Your Community, I don’t have a bug-out bag, because I don’t have anywhere better to go than my own castle. – Mr. X

HJL Replies: Like you, I do not have anywhere better to go than my own home/retreat. (I live at my rural retreat year-round.) However, not having a bug-out bag (BOB) and quick get-away kit (see Tina Lewis Rowe’s suggestions) is terribly shortsighted. There could be many
reasons that you might be forced to leave your castle beyond those addressed in B.S.C’s article. (In my area, the substantial threats are forest fires and

Please folks, do not just prepare for one type of emergency, with just one response plan. Always have a Plan B. Keep BOBs packed for every member of your family, as well as a vehicular everyday carry kit. Inspect those kits annually, and replace perishable items. And of course: pray hard.