Announcing JWR’s Latest Novel: Land of Promise

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve completed writing and editing my latest novel, titled Land of Promise. It will be released on December 1st, 2015 as an e-book, in trade paperback, and as an audiobook. This is the first volume of a planned five novel series, called the Counter-Caliphate Chronicles. The series begins 35 years in the future, and describes a timeline different from that in my Patriots novel series. These novels will have some science fiction elements, but you will find them as grounded in reality as my previous books. (There will be plenty of practical and tactical tips!) Land of Promise is an exciting story that describes the establishment of a Christian libertarian republic in East Africa, in response to a wave of persecution by a Global Islamic Caliphate.

Here is a brief description of the novel:

Launched by a pair of free-thinking venture capitalists and an Israeli art dealer, the fictional Ilemi Republic is carved out of a disputed border region between Kenya and South Sudan, with the consent of the governments of these two neighboring nations.

The fledgling Ilemi Republic is a nation of firsts in modern history: The first nation as a dedicated place of refuge for Christians and Messianic Jews; The first nation with absolutely no taxes or levies of any kind; The first nation with no licenses or permits; The first nation with minimalist government; The first nation to reject fiat currency and establish a tri-metallic currency (gold, silver, and platinum); The first nation to have a self-policing citizenry with a citizen’s militia–and hence no standing army and no police force; The first nation with a near absolute right to keep and bear arms, where only weapons of mass destruction are restricted from private ownership; and the first nation without a parliament or congress, where all decisions are made by public referendum.

Although the e-book edition of the novel can already be pre-ordered from, I would prefer that SurvivalBlog readers wait until the release day. (December 1st.)
That should give the book a good jump in the sales rankings. Please mark your calendars!

The prices for the trade paperback edition and the audiobook have not yet been set, but the e-book is very reasonably priced at $2.99 for pre-orders and for the release day, and then $3.99 starting December 2nd.

I’ve already begun writing the second novel in the series, which is tentatively titled Piece of Resistance.  Thanks for your interest and support! – JWR