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CCS Investigates Muslim Refugees in Idaho – RBS

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Prayer conference in Sandpoint, Idaho – Sept 18-20 – C.B.

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Received from a SurvivalBlog Reader:

Dear Friends,

In case you don’t know it, we lost our barn and home here in Idaho to a wildfire one month ago. We moved into it in December and I was just finishing up the bath tile and had not put the metal siding on yet. We were not insured and people have been asking for a way to donate to help us rebuild. So, we set up an account at gofundme.

Fifty-seven homes were lost as well as several hundred out buildings. This disaster has really brought the community together. There is a cold front moving in and damper weather ahead, so the fires seem to be pretty much behind us. It is time to clean-up, mitigate for erosion, and start on the road to recovery and rebuilding. Our loss has been a setback, but many blessings are coming from it. We are thankful for all the prayers and support. – Blessings, Jay & Pearl Maxner

Folks: Please donate if you feel convicted to do so. If you’d rather not mention your name with your donation, then please just tag it “Another SurvivalBlog Reader.” Many Thanks, – JWR

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Feds: Sage grouse face decline if wildfires can’t be stopped

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Wyoming: Two climbers die in Wind River Range accident