Readers’ Recommendations of the Week:


April 9th In Danish subtitled with English, covering the German Invasion of WW2. One note is that just because strategic surprise has been achieved doesn’t mean you can’t work to get the tactical advantage back.

Admiral In Dutch subtitled with English. Absolutely stunning visuals. Covers Dutch republic in its war against Germany, France, England.


I also read had the chance to read the Knights Templar trilogy by Jack Wythe. I suggest all three–Kights of the Black and White, Standard of Honor, and Order in Chaos. While reading I discovered where Friday the 13th comes from and the term “black balled”. In the third, it touches on the changes of the world and the world of the Templars collapsing around them. Just because the TEOTWAWKI has happened doesn’t mean that life doesn’t continue.

– CD who has escaped Northern VA.