Letter Re: A Year’s Supply of Food/Cooking Oil Alternatives

Dear Hugh,

With regard to the discussions about a renewable source of cooking oil, bio-diesel, and perhaps lubricating oil as well, I’ve often thought peanuts (aka, “goober peas”) may be a viable option for those of us who live in the south. Obviously, they’re not as visible as sunflowers, and statistics at this website seem to suggest that they produce a higher yield of bio-diesel than rapeseed.

I’ve read bits and pieces about backyard peanut growing, but I suspect large scale cultivation may be necessary for meaningful oil production. At any rate, their obscure growing nature, nutritional value (including protein), and possible light lubricating oil production may qualify them as a survival crop worth examining. If anyone has any experience with small-scale peanut farming, I would certainly be interested in hearing the story!

Best Wishes – SH in TX