Readers’ Recommendations of the Week:

Hi Hugh,

Reading Carol Deppe’s book, I realized I needed to read:

Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden Gilbert L. Wilson, Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1987

The Hidatsa grew corn, beans, squash, sunflowers near the Missouri River in ND. Clearly, they were able to feed themselves without tractors or mules! They very efficiently processed and saved their corn, beans, squash, sunflower seed. The book takes one through a typical year and is rich in describing their culture, songs, stories, ceremonies, recipes, and way of life. The first edition was published in 1917. Buffalo Bird Woman was born around 1839.

One review from Foster’s Botanical and Herb Review: “every gardener and agricultural scientist should find gems of practical wisdom in these pages, borne from an age-old tradition when sustainable agricultural practices…made the difference in sustaining life. Fascinating!”