SurvivalBlog’s 10th Anniversary!

This month marks the 10th anniversary of SurvivalBlog. The blog was propitiously launched just a few weeks before the well-remembered Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. Since August of 2005 we’ve only missed a few days of daily posting. (Those were immediately following the untimely death of my first wife.)


The blog’s archives of articles and letters are now amazingly deep, and we’ve kept them all fully accessible to everyone, free of charge. The blog now has more than 320,000 unique visitors per week, and has logged nearly 76 million unique visits.

My sincere thanks to our many loyal readers, advertisers, and writing contest prize sponsors for making SurvivalBlog such a tremendous success, and such a great resource for preppers around the world. (The blog has logged readers in 228 countries.)

Our 10th Anniversary coincides with the launch of a SurvivalBlog Limited Edition Voyager XL pocketknife, from Cold Steel. All profits from the sales of these knives are going to Christian charities.

There are still a few preppers who have not yet heard about SurvivalBlog. Please help spread the word by including a link to SurvivalBlog in your web page, blog, or e-mail footer.

Many Thanks! – Jim Rawles, Senior Editor