Letter Re: Growing and Storing Our Own Food

Dear Hugh,

Tennessean wrote a very useful article regarding providing your own food, but I wanted to point out one remark about choosing Yukon Gold potatoes.

One lesson from the Irish Potato Famine was that most farmers had gone to planting only one variety of potatoes, the Irish Lumper. Other countries had a variety of potatoes, some more resistant to the fungal blight that hit Europe and so the blight did not hit them as hard. The lack of potato variety was only one contributor to the famine but nevertheless an important factor.

I humbly submit that it might be best to have more than one variety of potato in the garden, even if only one or two plants of something different. That way you at least have seed potatoes for the following planting should conditions for growing change. I also grow the Yukon Golds, but I put in the purple potatoes, which are very high in nutrients. Both grow very well for me. – Mrs. RLB