Letter Re: Jade Helm 15


What do you think of Jade Helm 15? I’ve heard lots of things about this from mild to wild… What say you? – B.D.

HJL Responds: While our minds always have a tendency to fall to the conspiratorial side, I am a firm believer in Occam’s Razor. The more complex an issue is, the more people have to be involved and people are the greatest weakness of any “plan”. JWR and I are in complete agreement on the implications of Jade Helm 15 and its impact on the people in the United States. It is nothing more than a training exercise. The states selected for the training bear more than a passing resemblance to the parts of the world that are in the most turmoil and have the greatest prospects of U.S. military involvement. This allows the military the ability to save money on their training by not having to ship the hardware to and from the overseas destinations just for an exercise. On the surface, that is an acceptable reason for the training that they are engaging in. However, a person would literally have to have their head stuck in the sand to not see the coming civil unrest over the economic situation. I don’t believe it is unreasonable to imagine Baltimore on a national level. The media and TPTB have worked hard to create racial division among the people, and we are seeing that work come to fruition.

In every major natural disaster, the U.S. government has taken heat from the public sectors for not responding in a timely manner, whether it was the responsibility of the government or not to respond in the first place. I see the additional benefit to the military that they are trying to meet this coming civil unrest head on, because they know they will be tasked with dealing with it. The local governments have shown an amazing lack of interest and ability to handle even the most basic trouble situations, and I fully expect riots on a grand scale. However, the danger to you as an individual will probably not be coming from the military. Rather, I believe it will be the roving gangs causing the civil unrest. I believe that that is the long game being played by the government.

I do have friends who fear the time for the rounding up of Christians and the declaration of martial law is just around the corner, but this isn’t it. In the first place, the military does not have the manpower to declare martial law across the nation. In a country of 318 million people, it will take more than 500,000 military personnel to maintain that order. To add to that problem, the average American is more independently minded than the average person found anywhere else in the world and is more likely to ignore, either passively or overtly, any attempt at martial law. The Christian world tends to think of themselves in terms of the Roman persecutions, but in reality, today’s Christian is milquetoast. They are not a danger to the government, and the government knows it.

You can think of the convoys that are being reported across the nation as similar to the reaction of a pregnant woman. When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she suddenly starts realizing how many other women around her are also pregnant. She sees belly bulges everywhere she looks. Since Jade Helm 15 is on everyone’s mind, they think they are seeing more military hardware moving than they normally do, but I suspect the total tonnage of moving hardware is about what is normally moved.

There really is no short-term danger presented by this training exercise. However, the long-term issues do not bode well for the citizen but are in line with moves that the government has made for the past 100 years. Anytime the government gets you to trade a little bit of freedom for a little bit of safety, you will run into problems. The greatest danger will be when you see the military collaborating with the local law enforcement agencies. While the government does not have the military power to declare martial law on their own, they are working towards the federalization of all police forces. The process is well underway and the police forces will willingly allow themselves to be co-opted. We’ve seen it before; just look at the school systems. The once powerful and independent (and actually useful) school systems took the money that the federal government handed out like candy and got hooked on it like it was crack. All the government had to do was threaten to take away that money and the school boards folded. The local law enforcement will be no different, and they are already getting addicted to the money.