Economics and Investing:

The War on Cash: Transparently Totalitarian. – J.J.

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The Banksters War on Cash. – T.P.

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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

Japan Retail Sales Plunge 9.7% in March – What’s funny is in the video he talks about how Japan can deal with the excessive levels of debt, and what is not mentioned is what is most likely and what they are currently pursuing. Inflating away the debt.

Video: Santelli Exchange: War on Paper Money?

Biggest Inventory Build In History Prevents Total Collapse Of The US Economy – Definitely interesting; did not know the inventory build was still taking place to this extent.

‘Hawkish’ Hilsenrath Confirms Fed Not Worried About Q1 Growth, Rate Hikes Coming – Yeah……. sure… And watch the market implode