Two Letters Re: “Internet” Without Infrastructure


Almost precisely this concept was described by the New York Times back in 2004, except instead of exchanging files on USB keys, they were exchanged via a small computer on a moped that connected to an access point in each village as the moped drove through. From a technical perspective, the solutions are nearly identical and the two could easily be combined, not to mention combining with amateur radio VHF and/or HF links for high-priority or long distance communications. – J.F.

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The “Internet” Without Infrastructure article by R. H. is very intriguing. It makes sense that part of our preps should be to create part of the system that R.H. proposes, in order to allow that system to be used as quickly as possible after the regular Internet fails.

I believe we should exercise this alternate infrastructure in parallel with the current system. Maybe a web site should be setup where practitioners of the alternate internet could perfect the operating rules and exercise it. Regards – C.R.