Letter: Anti-LE Tilt


On occasion I see an anti-LE tilt to some e-mails submitted to SurvivalBlog. I have to wonder at anyone who is at age 35 trying to break into law enforcement, but that is their choice. It actually sounds like some public defenders I know.

Recalling my brother-in-law’s academy adventure, he was @10 weeks into a boot camp style police academy for a prestigious city PD and was ready to quit. Too hard? Not really; it was just that as a former Air Force NCO, he did not think he was being treated in a deferential manner as he was accustomed. Once I gave him my former USMC boot camp observations/hints (YOU ARE A RECRUIT AND LOWER THAN WHALE DUNG), he started knocking down other recruits to volunteer and stopped grinding his teeth in formation. When he was home on the next weekend liberty I asked how it was going, i.e. was he quitting?

“Uh, they made me platoon guide. I lead formation everywhere.” He went on to do a full career as did I, in county and local law enforcement. Whizzing on your instructors leg and getting tossed from an LE job hardly helps guarantee that the police or deputies in your jurisdiction follow the Constitution or are OATHKEEPERS. If I had a car load of gangbangers stopped, I would use ALL LEGAL MEANS AVAILABLE TO ME to determine if I had PC to connect them to a crime. That is aggressive proactive law enforcement. The checks on that are my supervision, policy, prosecutors, and the courts.

In your job, could you be disciplined or fired for a policy violatio and then criminally and civilly punished in both state and federal court? Anyone want you to wear a body cam? – BFT